A Guide to Success for SEO Execs Working at Non-Marketing Company by Gaurav Heera

Recognition is something every professional wants. Nobody wants to work hard without being given a shred of appreciation for doing the samesays Gaurav Heera.

SEOs are no different. Like any other working professional, they want their contributions to be recognized. However, most SEOs work in companies where people do not understand the exact contribution of digital marketing says Gaurav Heera. Anyone working at a regular workplace would know that unquantifiable contributions are ignored more often than not.

SEOs suffer because of this trend all the time. Despite bringing in hard prospects into the company’s world without spending a cent of money on outbound digital marketing,

Many studying in digital marketing institutes don’t realize this. While their contributions to their employer may be significant, there is a good chance they will be ignored. Since many SEOs work at non-marketing companies filled with non-SEO people, they never find a way to make a mark on having their work recognizedsays Gaurav Heera.

In this article, we will cover some things which can help SEOs get the recognition they deserve of they’re working for a non-marketing company.

Set SEO Goals Based on Key Overarching Marketing Goals

According to Gaurav Heera Non-marketing companies may not understand SEO, but they do understand the important role of marketing in general. SEOs should work on aligning their marketing goals with actual objective targets.

For instance, throwing around metrics like organic traffic and CTR won’t matter in a non-marketing company. SEOs have to instead show the value incoming traffic is having. Statistics like conversion rate, retention, and lead generation are much better metrics to use rather traditional SEO statssays Gaurav Heera.

Another point to note here is to not work based upon goals that cannot be measured. There are many important things in SEO which can’t be measured. However, they cannot be made the crux of an SEO strategy. Try showing a direct relationship between an ideal SEO-optimal content and the number of sales being made. If these correlations are established, SEOs which naturally get more recognitionsays Gaurav Heera.

Build an SEO team

Gaurav Heera says that once SEOs manage to show others the value of organic traffic, the next step is growing the team. Every SEO exec must look forward to expanding the team and keep growing the impact of organic traffic on a company’s marketing efforts.

Many non-marketing companies only become conscious of SEO once they actually start having an in-house SEO team. Taking this step is crucial not just for a company’s growth, but also for improving the general level of recognition SEOs get in the industry according to Gaurav Heera.

Follow Conventional KPIs

For long-term growth through SEO in a non-marketing company, there is a need to establish conventional KPIs. Generally, conventional KPIs do not work with a practice like SEO. However, SEOs have to use conventional KPIs in their practice to ensure that a non-marketing company remains committed to SEO in the long runsays Gaurav Heera.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we gave a step-by-step approach to how SEOs can make companies see their value.

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Gaurav Heerais a digital marketing expert & currently working at Delhi Courses as corporate trainer, an institute known widely for its popular digital marketing course in Delhi.

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