The Essentials of Owning a Home

The average buyer takes 73 days to close on a property after the first visit.

The exciting bit comes after receiving your keys where you fill your new home with essential items. This can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re starting from scratch because there’s no clear starting point.

Sounds familiar? Luckily, we’ve compiled a list to guide you throughout the process. Here’s everything you need when you’re owning a home.

Cleaning Supplies

It’s wise to clean your house before you start unpackaging as dust may have built up.

Keep everything in a cupboard or cabinet to keep your cleaning supplies organized and out of the way. Stock up on glass cleaner, all-purpose kitchen cleaner, dusting supplies, sponges, and rubber gloves. Plus, a bucket, mop, and a broom with a dustpan.

Vacuum cleaners are also great because they’re efficient and effective. Choose one with a HEPA filter because it keeps the dirt, dust, and allergens sealed in a container so it’s easy to dispose of.

You’ll also need a washing machine and (although not completely necessary) a dishwasher, a total lifesaver for busy households. And make sure you have a laundry hamper, detergent, iron, and an ironing board. Further, add garbage cans with liners in your kitchen, bathroom, and home office.

Tool Box

Tools should be near the top of your “home maintenance checklist” so you can fix wobbly chair legs or a broken toaster. In your box, add screwdrivers, a hammer, a box cutter, a drill, and duct tape. It’s also useful to add a flashlight, batteries, and extra lightbulbs in case one blows.

Home Security

Costs of owning a home can add up especially when you fill rooms with hanging art, electronics, and antiques. Because of this, invest in home security to deter unwanted intruders which you can activate using a control panel.

Install door, window, and motion sensors along with wireless security cameras that give you a 360-degree view of your property. You should also buy new home locks either by replacing the current one or hire a locksmith to “rekey” it so anyone will the old set can’t enter your home.

Smart Home Technology

With the tax benefits of owning a home, you can get smart home technology for your property. Aside from entertainment, consider installing a smart thermostat as it keeps your home’s temperature comfortable while saving you a fortune in energy bills. You’ll also need a modem so you and your family can access the internet and enjoy your favorite cable TV channels.


You have seven seconds to create a winning first impression which you can do with your entryway. Invite guests in with a welcome mat and make sure there’s a place to store their shoes, coat, and umbrella. To avoid clutter, place a small table with a bowl where you can chuck keys and mail.

Living Room

The living room is where your family unwinds, catches up with one another, and enjoys different forms of entertainment. One of the top expenses of owning a home is getting a TV, soundbar, and streaming devices so you can binge the latest Netflix shows.

You’ll also need a comfortable couch, throw pillows, and blankets to get cozy in. And depending on the size of the room, you can consider other seating like an armchair, stools, and bean bags for the little ones.

Dining Area

Depending on the size of your room, get a stylish table as it’ll be the focal point of the room along with the desired amount of chairs. These are often sold as a set so they’ll automatically match. You should also throw down an area rug to add texture to the room and pendant lighting for a finishing touch.


On your “home maintenance checklist”, make sure you get the necessary items for your kitchen. You’ll need basic crockery so you can whip up your household’s favorite dishes and get utensils, holders, and a sturdy cutting board.

You’ll also need measuring cups, a bottle opener, and plenty of plates. In terms of appliances, invest in a good-quality refrigerator, microwave, and cooktop with ventilation. And don’t forget a coffee maker, kettle, and blender to help you prepare meals.

To clean up, stock up on dish towels, get a drying rack, and dish-washing items to keep the kitchen spotless.


Your bedroom is a sanctuary where you can get creative with its design. Start by getting the bed frame and headboard as it’ll take up a majority of the space. You’ll also need a high-quality mattress to get a good night’s shut-eye along with sheets, duvets, and pillows.

Further, get a dresser that aligns with the room’s aesthetic along with a bedside table, lamp, and storage space.


Many homeowners overlook the bathroom but it’s a great place to add finer details that reflect your style. Find ways to create a clean, bright environment by introducing cool tones with splashes of colors for visual interest.

Choose a shower curtain to align with your aesthetic, bath mats, and bathroom accessories like soap dispensers. If you don’t have a laundry room, then add a basket in the corner where you can throw dirty clothes and towels in.

Those Are the Essentials of Owning a Home

Hopefully, you now know the essentials of owning a home.

Prioritize home security by changing the locks, installing a new system, and loading up on cleaning supplies. Furnish each room with pieces that reflect your household along with art, statement lighting, and area rugs. Get creative with the process and get the whole family involved so you’re happy with your new home. Good luck!

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