Commercial Roofing Maintenance: 6 Tips You Don’t Want to Overlook

Overlooking the maintenance of your commercial roof is not a wise strategy—resulting eventually in costly repairs and replacements.

Rather than ignoring your roof, and waiting until a problem appears, there are steps you can take right now to ensure that your roof stays in good shape for many years to come.

If the time comes when you do need a roof repair, then it will be the time to contact the best professional commercial roofing companies. But until then, we’ve got some commercial roofing maintenance tips you can use now to keep your roof in good shape.

1. Keep Your Commercial Roofing Clean

Basic commercial roofing maintenance starts by ensuring that your roof is clean, and is kept that way.

So begin by checking the roof once a week, if possible, and cleaning if necessary. Look for accumulated piles of leaves, branches, etc., which can clog valleys and drains. If it’s an easy job, do the cleaning yourself, or contact a commercial roof repair company for a more thorough and professional job.

2. Fix Any Leaks Immediately

If you’ve noticed a leak in your commercial roofing, the absolute worst thing you can do is to ignore or put it off for another time.

Get the leak fixed right away. Procrastinating only means a more expensive repair later on, and perhaps even the need for a total roof restoration. Here’s what to know about commercial roof restoration.

Furthermore, leaks can cause extensive water damage to the interior of the building, as well as electrical equipment. So if there are any signs of leakage, contact commercial roofing contractors right away to fix the problem.

3. Check Your Roof After Bad Storms

Anytime you experience a bad storm, it’s a good idea to go up top and check your roof for damage.

Storms that produce damaging hail, destructive winds, or heavy snow can do a number on commercial roofing, even commercial metal roofing. If this damage goes unnoticed, it can lead to major issues and repairs later on.

4. Have Your Roof Inspected Regularly

This is a good idea for many obvious reasons.

It’s recommended that you have a professional contractor inspect your commercial roof twice a year, and all the more so if you have reason to believe your roof is especially subject to damage.

Make sure the contractor checks for cracks, faults, unseen leaks, or any weak points or sagging.

5. Ensure Rooftop Equipment Is Functioning Properly

Don’t overlook the fact that malfunctioning rooftop equipment can cause all kinds of issues with your roofing.

Unsealed vents, bad wiring, and malfunctioning air conditioners or swamp coolers can all lead to major roofing issues down the line.

6. Clean the Gutters

Finally, one of the best maintenance tips for your commercial roofing is to ensure the gutters and drains are unclogged.

The accumulation of debris in these places can lead to avoidable leaks and other roof damage. So do yourself a favor, and make sure the drains and gutters are free and clear.

Use These Tips to Keep Your Commercial Roof in Good Shape

If you follow these commercial roofing maintenance tips, you can avoid costly repairs and roof restoration later on.

As long as you cultivate these preventive habits, you can ensure your commercial roof is in good shape for years to come.

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