Test Your Plumber’s Proficiency with These 6 Questions

One can assume why people ask so many questions to their plumbers considering the issues that arise regularly. No homeowner wants to make efforts to repair something every day.  They ask questions to ensure that those regular stubborn issues don’t come crawling back. Nevertheless, most of you cannot avoid them completely.

What to do?

To avoid the need for a plumber in Phoenix every now and then, he has to have a very keen eye in solving these problems. With this curious mindset, a plumber can incorporate every detail. So, to prove his knowledge about plumbing, you should ask some questions. It makes you well aware of what to expect from the plumber.

The questions list

The list of questions can help you learn a lot about plumbing and his abilities to resolve an issue.

  • How to maintain the finish of Faucets?

The plumber should know how to maintain the shiny finish that faucets have. First of all, he should know what materials are the faucets made of and what damages them. The faucets should not be cleaned with soap and just a wipe with a wet cloth is enough to retain its lustrous finish. The cloth must be clean and soft to avoid any scratches.

  • What are the first aid steps when the water is leaking from a water heater?

As a layman might not be able to resolve the issue of water leakage, he can be temporarily fixed. First of all, you can try draining the water heater in case it is excessively leaking. If it’s just a small leakage, a bucket to collect leaking water will be enough. For that, you might ask how to drain the water heater according to the type you have from your plumber.

If not taken care of, water leakage and become even bigger with time.

  • How to take care of slow or clogged drains?

The snake, that is the plunger, can be used to clear out the clog in the slow-running drains. If it’s just a small clog, running hot water down the drain can also do the trick. Otherwise, if it’s nearly blocking the entire flow, immediately call the plumber.

  • What to do if I smell something bad from the garbage disposal?

If you find a foul smell arising from the garbage disposal, it’s probably old food stuck in there. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the dustbin. It can be in the drain, and their disposal unit, in the pipes for anywhere that you can’t reach out to.

Another reason for the foul smell is bad sewage in the pipes. The former issue can be resolved through lime and vinegar solutions. However, the latter can only be resolved by a professional plumber using some permissible chemicals.

  • How is hard water different from soft water?

Not many of us know the difference between hard and soft water. Yet, the plumber has to know this distinction to make appropriate actions to resolve some issues. Soft water is water in its natural state whereas hard water is full of other minerals.

The distinction is useful because when hard water passes through pipes, it can build up some unwanted clogs. For your help, you can ask the plumber if local water resources can be treated to make them soft for avoiding this issue.

  • How to remedy the shaky toilet?

A shaky toilet can be due to wear and tear, and the possible solution is repair or replace. Only a plumber can help you resolve a shaky toilet because only he can identify the root cause. Don’t be in a hurry to repair anything that is out of the reach of your skills.

In conclusion, the purpose of this list of questions that only plumber who answers the questions genuinely can be called a competent one. The above skills are especially needed in 24-hour plumbers in Phoenix who can be called upon for an emergency anytime.

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