A Quick Overview of Heavy Duty Zippers

The use of zippers in this modern world has made the job of tailors easier and smoother than ever before. This is because zippers can be sewn directly on garments with no need to clamp the teeth on the fabric.

The primary elements of zippers include the following:

  • Stringer – This is the assembly of teeth and tape that makes up one side of a zipper
  • Tab – This is used to move the slider.
  • Slider – This is used to open and close the zipper.
  • Stops- This prevents the slider from leaving the chain.

Some zippers are best characterized for their better strength, ironing properties, anti-high temperature, anti-friction, and anti-washing properties. These are used commonly in applications including manufacturing of tents, raincoats, outdoor equipment, and many more. These zippers are known as heavy duty zippers that are crafted using sophisticated technologies.

Below are the classifications of heavy duty zippers according to their specific applications:

  • Separating zipper are mainly used in coats and jackets since the teeth can be completely separated once unzipped all throughout. Heavy duty versions of separating zippers are used in astronaut suits, firefighter suits, and more.
  • A two-way way zipper could be opened from the two ends of zipper tape. These are often used in tents, bags, and luggage.
  • Extra long zippers are those that come with long length and are used in tents and sleeping bags.
  • Water-resistant zippers are crafted using special technology and material with a finish that helps prevent water leakage. These zippers are commonly seen in raincoats and waterproof bags.
  • Self-repairing or self-mending zippers can realign their teeth when misaligned or got stuck by closing or opening them to the extent where the zipper teeth is not broken.
  • Marine zippers are like water resistant zippers but this time, with additional protection from salt water corrosion. These are commonly used in a boat or seat cover.

Heavy duty zippers are often meant to ensure a safe usage. Although they may seem expensive upfront, these can be of big help because of their long lasting usage with no need for replacement.

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