How to Keep Your Bedroom Clean and Fresh

Opening any cleaning tips-style article on the internet, chances are that you will find plenty of tips on how to clean your kitchen or your bathroom. And it makes sense, those two rooms are the most critical places in your home, and we all need a bit of help with them.

However, if you’ve ever wondered if there are any special tips and tricks to keep your bedroom clean and fresh – fear not. We reached out to cleaning industry veterans at MaidThis Denver and asked them to share what the most important aspects of cleaning a bedroom.

Control the Quality of Air

Bedrooms tend to have a problem with air quality. Most people are wary of opening their windows in the height of summer or winter in order to keep the temperature pleasant, no matter the outside weather. And that makes sense until you remember that your AC doesn’t really exchange air – it just recirculates and cools the air that’s already inside your home. And that can be unhealthy. All kinds of allergens and pathogens can grow in your air if you never circulate it.

So, a simple way to manage this problem is to ventilate your bedroom air at least once a day. Most experts recommend doing this early in the morning. You’ve gotten up, so you won’t be in the room, but the air can circulate for about half an hour. By the time you need to use your bedroom again, it will have acclimated to the temperature set by your thermostat.

Take Care of Your Mattress

Mattresses are a particularly durable item – they last anywhere between 7 and 30 years, depending on the type and the quality. What that means is that you’ll be stuck with the same mattress for a very long time. It will require some care, though.

Don’t worry, though, it’s not too difficult, and you don’t have to do it too often – typically once or twice a year. Perfect for your big spring and fall cleanings. The simpler way to clean your mattress is to buy a mattress cleaner from the store and follow the instructions.

Alternatively, you can make your own. Many environmentally-concerned people make their own cleaning agents with simple chemicals around the house. These are less impactful to the environment and are typically just as effective at cleaning.

Mattress cleaner can be made with just dish soap and warm water. Pour some soap into a bowl of water, whisk it until it foams up and then apply the foam to a mattress with a sponge. Once it dries, you can do the other side, and your mattress should be clean and fresh for a while. Adding things like essential oils is always a plus for better sleep.

Carpet Care

Bedrooms are rooms which are most likely to be carpeted. Even if the rest of your house has hardwood or some other flooring option, most people find carpets work best in bedrooms. But carpets also tend to collect dust and other particulates which means that you will also need to clean your carpet pretty regularly.

Make sure you vacuum the carpet at least once every two weeks, although some experts will tell you to do it each week. If you’re cleaning your entire bedroom, here’s an important tip – leave vacuuming for last. All the dusting and cleaning will result in some dirt falling to your floor, which, if you’d just vacuumed it, means you’ll have to do it again. This way, let everything fall to the ground and then eliminate it in one swoop.

Being out of sight of house guests, bedroom often gets the least attention when cleaning. But, remember, you sleep there – and you spend many hours a day sleeping. So, a clean bedroom means a healthy bedroom.

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