Effects Of Improper Plastic Disposal To Animals

Improper disposal of garbage, especially plastic, has many negative effects to you, your environment and all the other living organisms. Plastic is known to have wreaked havoc on the ocean, and the marine animals as eighty percent of marine garbage come from the land, and ninety percent of that rubbish is composed of plastic.

Plastics never truly decompose and only breaks into smaller bits that remain in the ocean and lands forever. Therefore, it also greatly affects terrestrial animals, both domesticated and wild ones. It can either get entangled in their bodies or get consumed accidentally causing poisoning or death. That is why proper waste disposal is vital to avoid such unfortunate events from increasing. Visit this site https://extracheaprubbishremoval.com.au/locations/castle-hill/ for professional rubbish removal services. Below are some of the effects of improper plastic disposal to animals that you may prevent if you start going green.

  • Heads Of Animals Can Get Stuck On Plastic Containers

There have been different videos of animals being laughed at because their head has been stuck on a plastic container. However, it is no longer a laughing manner if they are unable to remove it. Animals are unable to defend themselves from threat during these times and are susceptible to starvation. Since these containers were meant for spoons or knives to be dipped in them, their heads may not likely get out causing overheating, suffocation, dehydration and eventually death. That’s why you should think twice before throwing your plastic container improperly.

  • Plastics Can Be Accidentally Consumed

Animals can mistake plastic for food and consume them accidentally. Even pets, like dogs and cats, mistakenly eat plastic in an attempt to consume leftover food. Plastics can cause intestinal blockages in an animal that eats it and ultimately cause death which is becoming a sad fate for more and more animals, both terrestrial and marine, that is reportedly seen dead due to plastic consumption. Help prevent these animals from accidentally consuming plastic by disposing your waste properly and hiring expert rubbish removal in Inner West Sydney like Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal to help you.

  • It Can Get Entangled In Their Bodies

Many animals have been reportedly seen walking or swimming with plastics stuck on their antlers, fins or paws. Aside from being flat out uncomfortable, it is also very dangerous for these animals. They won’t be able to escape predators properly or defend themselves if they are unable to function effectively due to the plastic that hinders their body. Also, it can also cause terrible wounds to animals or loss of limbs. Also, the bird can also get affected by plastic entanglement and hinder their ability to fly properly. Some end up with plastic soda six-pack rings or bags wrapped around their wings that stops them from flying and staying close to their flock and even hinders them from migrating. Birds may also mistakenly use plastic as nesting materials and endanger their young.

Final Word

Improper disposal of plastic greatly affects all living things including animals. Reduce the plastic you use by going green and using eco-friendly products such as bringing reusable bags whenever you go grocery shopping, avoid buying plastic bottled water by bringing your reusable container and even buying in bulk from farms and market instead of purchasing plastic wrapped items on the groceries. Being mindful about how you dispose of your garbage and dispose of it properly can help lessen the chances of most animals from getting endangered in the future.

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