3 Mistakes to Avoid When Maintaining Plants

People who are new to gardening and maintaining landscape think that as long as you keep watering and giving plants sunlight, it will definitely grow. However, there is always a limit based on the plants’ needs. These are three common mistakes to avoid when maintaining your plants’ health. 

1) Overwatering 

When your plant is slouching or turning yellow, it may indicate that it is being given too much water. Giving it too much water robs the roots of adequate air intake.

The recommended and general frequency of watering should be two to three times a week. In fact, most plants do not need to be watered daily.

To prevent overwatering your plants, use a spray bottle rather than pouring one jug of water into your pot.

You should find out the watering needs of your plant. Some only require watering once per week. 

2) Over adding mulch 

A mulch is often added as a layer to preserve the moisture of the soil and prevent weed growth. While this is beneficial, adding too much can pose problems for our landscape.

This is so as too much of it can block out sunlight that is needed for the growth of desired plants. A rule of thumb is to apply a thickness of not more than 5cm to your landscape. If your plant is not growing, remove 3cm of mulch.

3) Giving plants too little or too much sunlight

Plants that function in low sunlight can be destroyed by excess sunlight. Thus, you must know their sunlight requirement as well.

Following that, you should place them in an environment that has constant sunlight. Most plants thrive with five to six hours of direct sunlight.

Need help to maintain your plants?

Beautifying your landscape with plants go beyond aesthetic, and require specialised knowledge to maintain it. Certain systems may be required like irrigation and drainage systems to ensure that your environment’s functionality is in place.

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