Benefits you Should know About Storage Units

Searching for warehouse space can be like traveling on a three-lane highway: efficient, comfortable and fast. It may also be wandering around a dirt road with potholes. It all depends on how we plan a trip and whether we use navigation. Therefore, when preparing for the selection of new warehouse space, it is worth finding out what to pay particular attention to, that this “road” would have a satisfying finish.

We are looking for a warehouse” – after these words, a company that needs a new surface usually comes up with a moment of reflection. The need for a new location is accompanied by a lot of questions that every company has to ask before choosing a new area is long and can last about a year. Besides, it is often complex and requires consideration of many issues.

The tenant must very carefully determine what requirements the new space should meet. In the meantime, you must select the best offers from developers and compare them regarding the proposed commercial and technical conditions. After choosing the proposal, the most critical stage takes place, i.e., negotiations. The process ends with signing the contract and agreeing even the smallest details regarding the entire lease period. In the case of long-term transactions, only proper preparation will be successful.

Many months of trial

  • Many times, companies do not realize that finding the right warehouse can take up to several months. That is why it is worth remembering a simple rule:
  • The later a tenant starts looking for a new warehouse, the less time he has to negotiate right conditions or a smaller selection of potential locations.
  • In case the company decides to change the warehouse and leave the current location, the commitments included in the contract for using the existing space are significant. Usually, after the end of the deal, the tenant must return the warehouse in the condition in which he rented it.

Verification of needs

A tenant looking for new or additional space should put a lot of effort into analyzing their needs. Before searching for a warehouse, it is essential to be sure what requirements should be met by the new location. The demand for Storage units Seattle usually appears when the current warehouse turns out to be too small.

  • Determining the size of the new area will allow to determining if the company can rent a warehouse or whether it will be more beneficial to use a BTS solution.
  • When planning renting space, it is also worth considering whether there will be no office part needed in addition to the warehouse. If so, how big.

The next step for the future tenant is to define the features that the new space should have. We are talking here about purely technical needs. You need to know what height and width the warehouse should have, what floor capacity must be, and whether, for example, you need a cold room or other facilities adapted to your business. An unambiguous definition of your needs will help the tenant to choose the best solution available on the market. Or, on the contrary, it will indicate the need to build a new facility, adapted to the nature of the company’s operations.

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