How To Pick The Right Paint For Your Room

If you want to give a new look to your room then painting is the best and cheapest way to make your space a fresh and novel look. But the main thing to consider while planning to paint is how to select the colour which goes perfectly with your room? Well, there is no fixed answer to this question but yes, there are some suggestions to help you out in selecting the right colour.

Here are some key points to consider while on a mission to transform your room.

Which paint is good?

There is variety of polishes available in paints namely; oil or latex and both paints work well according to their material and usage. But truth be told, latex paint is mostly preferred over oil paint because of its dual quality – it has longer durability and it’s fairly easy to clean up.  It breathes better than oil paint and therefore has less blistering effect.

But this doesn’t mean that oil paint is good for nothing because it has its own advantages. It is good for the priming of wood moulding as it seals knots and stain on the wood better than any other paint.

If we talk about the time taken for drying, then oil paint takes longer time.

But if you like both the colours and want to experiment with them, then go for oil paint for your ceiling and choose the latex one for walls and other parts of the room.

Which sheen should you go for?

The more glossy the paint, the less difficult to clean the stains!  So if you have small children in your home who showcase their creativity on the walls by drawing or writing or scratching; or in the other terms if your wall has to struggle daily to protect its bareness from a number of daily actions, then shiny oil paint can help the wall fend off the daily torture and still make it look pretty good.

If you are looking for an ideal option for the exclusive part of your home like play room or kitchen which often has dark and obstinate stains on it, then without wasting time, select the glossy sheen of paint so that you can wipe off the wall easily with a sponge whenever there is a spot on it.

However the high gloss in kitchen and other mostly used spaces may bring little imperfection and make it look less shiny. So to overcome this problem, you can use a semi glossy paint as it doesn’t lose its gloss soon and can be easily cleaned. Also it’s cheaper than the first option.

If your wall has a lot of imperfections then flat and matte paint can work well as it hides all the flaws of the wall and make it look quite even all over. It does not collect dust as well. The downside to this alternative is that it does not stand up well to cleaning and cannot handle stains and fingerprints. So use it where you have very less or no chances of spots and marks on the wall.

However, egg shell is the most used sheen is as its smooth for cleaning and can hide its imperfection better than flat paint.

Which colour should you choose?

There are hundreds of colours available at your local paint shop, so take full advantage of it. Consult the sales person and discuss your room’s space, size, your needs and choice and then select the one which meets with all these requirements. If you have a specific colour in mind, then ask the sales man to suggest some of its shades and then select the one you like the most.

For subtle and soothing look, you can keep the previous colour shade or use a monochromatic approach.

For an elegant look, choose neutral colour shades as they bring elegance and flexibilityin your space. A neutral colour does not simply mean white or beige but it may include shades of a particular colour.  With this choice you can make your wall more attractive by splashing the colours carefully through a pillow or vase to offset the subtle neutral tone.

To give a lively look to the room, use bold and vibrant colour. To complement a colour select the shade next to it on colour wheel like orange and gold or dark pink and purple. Combination of red and black also looks good and bold as both are in contrast and stands out perfectly.

We hope this article help you in choosing the perfect colour, shade and sheen for your room. So don’t over think and give the right look to your room.

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