You Can Stay Fit Even From Your Home

9 apps itself is an app but allows you to download any other app of your choice. 9apps is safe to download and use. 9 Apps has variety of categories for apps. Some of them are:

  • Books and Reference
  • Weather
  • Shopping
  • Events
  • Productivity
  • Comics
  • Auto & Vehicles
  • Health & Fitness
  • Social
  • Dating

9Apps act as a perfect guide for the people having smart phones. 9Apps free download is a life saviour for people using smart phones. It comes out with suggestions to the users according to their interests. Not only gaming and other entertainment but 9apps have a good variety of fitness apps as well. The top 5 fitness apps on 9apps are as follows:

  • Home Workout- No Equipment:This app is helpful for those who can’t get time due to their busy schedule and want to work out at their home. This helps make a perfect schedule of the daily workout all by itself. It selects a workout plan of a particular muscle. The best part of this app is that it plans out the whole body workout, tells exercise of every body part without the help of any equipment.
  • 6 Pack abs in 30 Days: This is another fitness guide app that is top rated on 9apps. This app assure abs in 30 days if you follow their workout plan. This app has 3 levels of workout. One just needs to follow the instructions. For instructing videos are available for proper exercise.
  • Mi Fit: Mi is a well-known brand in electronic devices. The company recently started an app called Mi Fit. This app is also one of the top rated fitness app. This app helps in calculating the steps a person has run, distance covered, heart beat etc. This is a fitness tracker powered by Mi. This app is supported on various smart devices including Mi smart band. This is best for those people who want to keep a record of the progress in their fitness.
  • Lose weight in 30 days: This app does not focus on building muscles but on those exercises that will help to lose out weight. This app is the best rated app for losing weight on 9apps. This app does not involve taking a particular diet. Its focus is only on how to lose weight by doing exercise. Exercise of every muscle is available. People may have fat on some particular body part. They can follow up that particular exercise to lose weight.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: One of the most unique fitness applications till date. This application teaches the user about how to do a deep point massage without causing pain. There are plenty of videos to guide the user and this app can be used for relaxing one’s body from any sort of pain.

The ultimate point is that 9apps not only helps in making you knowledgeable but also helps you to remain fit and healthy. Not only this, 9apps has evenhelped in making the hectic day of work a relaxed one for many people. People have shown a lot of support for the kind of application 9Apps have for them.

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