How Can I Sell My House Fast in Staten Island?

You want to sell your house fast and at the same time, want to make a large profit. You can get both but only when you are lucky. Otherwise, it takes time to sell a house. And, if you want to get the desired deal, you will have to wait longer.

However, still, you should do your best and prepare your house for a fast sale. It takes complete planning and knowledge to professionally prepare your house for a fast sale. To make the process a little easier for you, we have got some tips:


It is difficult to let your house go. You have spent many years in your house. Your house holds many memories. So, detaching from it can be emotionally difficult. However, you should look to the future.


Present an impersonal and clean environment when a potential buyer comes to see your house. Let them imagine the house decorated with their own family photographs, art objects and furniture. The potential buyer can actually visualize how well space will look.

When it comes to furniture, leave understated pieces only. These pieces will not create any distractions and will not create any unintended impression. The buyer might have his own antique furniture.


Over the year, we all have collected many items in our house. Some of these items have emotional attachments. However, if you look around, you will find some items you have not used in over a year. There can be some items you don’t even need. You can discard them. The right way is to donate them to a nonprofit organization or charity.

Remove all the books from bookcases. Clean your kitchen. Tuck away essential items of daily use in small boxes when they are not in use.

Organize Closets And Storage Cabinets

It is important to have adequate storage space in a house. Expect your potential buyers to be curious about closets and storage cabinets. A disorganized storage space sends a negative message. So, make sure that it is not cluttered. A potential buyer opens one of the closets and items start falling out. You don’t want this to happen.

By organizing everything down to the last details, you can send a message that you have taken the best care of your possessions. You love to take care of your house.

Remove Your Favorite Items

If you want to take built-in appliances, certain curtains or other items with you to your next house, remove them prior to showing. Got a chandelier in your dining room? Remove it. The buyer appreciates the way the chandelier enhances the appeal and then you say that he is not going to get that item with the house, this can hurt the sale. So, remove it.

Make House Sparkle

To sell your house fast and get a large profit, you have to make it sparkle. If needed, hire a professional cleaning crew. They will wash all the windows. They will use pressure washers to clean the sidewalks and the exterior. All the dust from under your furniture will be removed. They will clean closets and cabinets. In a nutshell, they will make your house sparkle.

Once their job is done, it is your job to maintain this cleanliness. Don’t postpone or skip dusting furniture, daily vacuuming, and other similar duties. Make sure that your kitchen and bathrooms are spotless. Avoid cooking fish, garlic or any other odorous foods the night before a showing.

Make Minor Repairs

If the buyer is going to live in your house, you have to make at least minor repairs. Patch holes in the walls, replace cracked floors, fix leaky faucets and make all the repairs that can hurt the sale.

If you don’t want to deal with any of these and want to sell your house in Staten Island fast for cash, you are not going to get your large profit. You have to find a cash for house buyer and sell your house at a discount.

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