What Do I Do When My Sump Pump Alarm Goes Off?

You’re sitting comfortably in bed on a rainy night and suddenly you hear the annoying sound of a sump pump beeping. Amid of all the anger and fatigue, you’re probably thinking of ways to stop that irritating sound such as unplugging the sump pump. But, what exactly do you need to do when you hear your sump pump alarm go off?

Why is my Sump Pump Beeping?

The first thing you should do is investigate the area to see the reason why the alarm went off in the first place. The sump pump has a key role in basement waterproofing since it manages the pathways of excess water (from the surroundings and soil to a disposal area).

The alarm’s duty is to notify homeowners that the water levels in the sump pump have reached a certain point that disables proper functionality. It basically means that the sump pump doesn’t have the strength to pump out the flow of excess water. So your alarm beeping is a good thing because it notifies you about potential floods and water damage before they even happen.

1. First Possibility

The main thing is figuring how the alarm or sensor has wet. In some rare cases, the water levels haven’t even reached the “danger” point at all, but some excess water, whether from a ceiling leak or a splash just wetted the sensor by mistake and it started to beep. This isn’t a risky situation, contrary to that where the water levels have risen. For each type of situation, to stop the alarm from beeping you should carefully remove it and dry it out with a towel, so you can focus on more important matters!

2. Second Possibility

If the water levels are above average and the sump pump is still working on solving the issue, wait a bit and observe its functioning. Does it make sound? Does water overflow it? These types of situations can happen due to severe rain or storms and it only means that the pump has to put more effort to solve the issue.

There is a possibility that you may have a clogged pipe, drain battery or even worse a leak. If your sump pump is leaking, you should carefully look around your basement for symptoms of a leaking sump pump. So, what are the symptoms for water pump leaking? One symptom you should look out for is loud noises like thuds, rattling or gurgling. If you notice loud noises, you should call a licensed and insured plumber to inspect your sump pump.

3. Third Possibility

The worst possibility is finding out that your sump pump isn’t working. If this happens and it isn’t because of battery drainage, call the plumbers and rush over to the electrical generators. Yes, electricity and water do not mix well so putting on some insulating gloves will sure do you good.

First, try to flip the sump pump switch a couple of times. If this doesn’t work, go to the basement and if it isn’t flooded unplug the pump (yes, at last you can unplug it), let it rest while checking the outlet’s functionality with another appliance and then plug it in again. If this also doesn’t work, immediately call a plumber so they can help solve your problem before it eventually results in a basement flood.

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