Turn Your House into Cancun with these Pool Party House Decoration Ideas

Summer is for traveling to the beach or by the riverside and enjoying a good long soak. Unless you live too far away and aren’t able to travel right now. With travel restrictions, many people aren’t able to travel right now. So what about your plan for Cancun with your friends? Even if you can’t go to a summer destination right now, it doesn’t mean the end of your perfect summer day’s dream. 


If you have access to a pool, with these pool party house decoration ideas you can have your waterside party right by the comforts of your or your friend’s home. 


P.S. – You don’t need a large pool for these ideas to work either! Even a fun little plastic kiddie-pool works, as long as it is something you can dip your toes in. All you need are the right people, the right decoration, and the right vibe! 


We can’t give you the first or last items, but we can tell you how to use the right decor! So hop on, read on and get ready for a splash. You can also consider buying beautiful art from website like Canvas Art Direct selling popular collection of contemporary art 

Buy Some Beachy Floats 


For your party to have truly beachy, summer vibes then you need to get your hands on some super thematic pool floats. Don’t settle for plain, boring old floats unless you can get them in extremely vibrant summer colors. If you don’t want to splurge on floats, then just get a bunch of colorful balloons instead. They add just as much fun as the floats would.


Try to choose floats that are related to summer and beach themes. Things like fruits, ice creams, flamingos, pineapples, dolphins, and sharks work great for a few ideas!

Have Some Colorful Comforts 


In order to add some liveliness and vibrancy to the gathering, have a bunch of colorful plush pillows to rest on rest by the waterside. Not only they look striking and get you in that summer state of mind but also create a visual separation between the pool and the rest of the party area where food might be served. 


By putting them right on the pool deck, you also get the chance to lounge right by the poolside, giving you that feeling like you’re on a beach. Take a dip, sun yourself and take another dip!

A Beautiful Outdoor Table 


If you really want to feel like a fairy princess out of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, then you get bacchanal by setting up a low and long outdoor table a little distance away from the pool. Get some beachy or bohemian rugs and covers, and top them up with a lot of floor and plush pillows. 

Last Few Words 


You can have some truly magical experiences with a great pool party if done right. Enjoying great food, with great people by the poolside on summer days  and nights is not an experience you’d forget about anytime soon!

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