The Flexibility of University of Phoenix Programs Exemplify the University’s Commitment to Supporting Busy Professionals Working Toward Their Life Goals

Online reviews of University of Phoenix are overwhelmingly positive, and they show the glowing appreciation that so many students have for what the university has done for them. The courses at the university can be intense, and you really have to put in the work to succeed, say some reviewers. Until you experience it for yourself, you cannot believe any negative opinions about course selections or class schedules. The university has a very wide range of course options and provides flexible scheduling choices that cater to the diverse needs of a busy and working population.

Another current student said that he was very happy with the flexibility of online classes and that the university helps him balance his work life, his family, his church life and, of course, his school life. He continued that he honestly believed that if he did not have the option to attend an online school, he probably would not have been able to pursue a higher degree. What he liked best about the program was how it is outlined because students can take one class at a time instead of three or four classes throughout a quarter or semester. Five-week courses allow students to concentrate on one subject at a time, letting learners master the content they are being taught rather than struggle to keep up with different and potentially unrelated subjects at the same time.

As part of its commitment to using the latest in teaching tools and technologies where they are relevant, the university began using a digital or smart blackboard in many classes. Some students complained about this, but others said that it works great and gives them more time to focus on core readings. Many students also emphasized that if you have the dedication and discipline needed to succeed, University of Phoenix will ensure that you do.

While enrolled in the University’s MBA program, Hall was pleased with both what he learned and how he learned. The courses were academically challenging and covered relevant subjects he needed to know, and all courses included a well-designed combination of individual and group work. Hall was able to complete the coursework on his schedule as his full-time job allowed, but he was also part of a team within each class. This individual and team structure is, of course, similar to the corporate environments that many MBA graduates ultimately find themselves working in.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix aims to make higher education more available and attainable for everyone, even if you are a professional with a full-time commitment to work and family. With over 40 years of experience, the university continues to focus on meeting the needs of adult learners. In contrast to the typical college-aged demographic, there are subtle differences that adult learners have in terms of orientation and motivation. These characteristics influence the university’s instructional design process and have shifted the program design framework from content-driven to context-driven to reinforce the relevant application of classroom material to the real world.

This reimagination of how things are taught can be seen in the university’s many programs, and if you are interested in advancing in your career or learning industry-relevant skills, University of Phoenix likely has something for you.

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