Selecting a Wooden Dining Table: Myths to Avoid

Are you looking for a wooden dining table to make the living space more appealing? There’re a number of designs that you can go for to match personal sense of style or adopt a completely new theme that heralds change in your life. However, there are many myths that have made people to hold back from buying wooden furniture in their houses. The following are the common myth about wooden dining tables.

A Wooden Dining Table Makes a Home Look Cheap (myth)

This is a common myth used to divert people’s attention to other types of furniture. Wood dining tables come in multiple designs with varying price tags. You can opt for the cheaper options or the trendy and pricier designs. Indeed, many people are opting to use wooden dining tables to spruce up their homes.

Interior designers argue that some wooden furniture such as the reclaimed wooden dining table and chairs are priceless pieces in any home. They help the user to identify with a specific historical era or event of interest. For example, your reclaimed furniture could be designed with wood from ships used in the WWI. When you select a wooden dining table, it is all about what you want and how to achieve it.

Your Home Cannot Look Stylish with a Wooden Dining Table (myth)

If you visit high-end restaurants and homes, their dining tables are made of wood. Therefore, anyone indicating that wood is not stylish is a liar. Take a closer look at common dining tables and the grains will be amazing. If the table has been maintained well, the top should have a shiny appearance that helps to set the dining mood even before food is served.

However, it is the unique marks in a reclaimed wood dining table that makes dining space more special. Because the wood had been used in the past, nail holes and uneven cuts make it look stylish. This is the main reason why people have strong attachments to their reclaimed furniture.

Taking Care of a Wooden Dining Table is Difficult (myth)

This is a myth because the ease of caring a piece of furniture largely depends on the owner. Indeed, caring for your wooden furniture is simple and cheap. Unlike furniture designed with metal, wood does not suffer from rust.

To maintain your wooden table in pristine condition, you only need to wipe with water or wash with a mild detergent. This makes it the ideal option for both indoor and outdoor dining. It is also advisable to apply a protective layer of wood finish to maintain the shiny appearance.

A Wooden Dining Table is Not Durable (myth)

This is a lie. If you take care of a dining table, it can last for a long period. Wood comprises of hardened cells that can bind together for centuries. For example, every reclaimed wood dining table on sale is made with pieces that have hardened over the years. Therefore, you are assured of having the table for several decades without getting damaged.

To extend the lifespan of your table it is important to place it on a sturdy surface and repair damaged sections promptly. You should also avoid damaging the joints by dragging the table on the floor.

Going for a Wooden Dining Table Damages the Environment (myth)

This is a misconception. When you decide to buy an Oak dining table, it simply draws you nearer to the environment. This means that you get a better connection to nature and could be persuaded to contribute to its conservation.

When you buy a reclaimed wood dining table, it implies that you are helping to extend the utility of materials. Instead of throwing away wood that was used in the last century, you promote its use to make furniture such as dining tables.

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