How to Know It’s Time to Call a Roofing Professional

When it comes to keeping your home and family safe, it’s not enough just to have a roof over your head. You must have a well-operating roof. When there’s damage to the top of your house, it could turn into a complete disaster.

Are you experiencing problems with your roof? If so, it’s best to call a roofing professional as soon as possible. Take a look at the list below to learn the telltale signs of when to call a roofing expert.


Perhaps one of the primary signs that there’s an issue with your roof is a leak. Water leaks lead to severe issues like flooding and mold. Therefore, it’s best to reach out to a roofing professional as soon as you notice this problem.

Water leakage is one of the major signs that there’s a hole or crack in your roof. Get it fixed immediately!

Damage or Cracked Shingles

If you notice damaged shingles, you need to get them replaced. Aged shingles are unable to protect your home the way that they should. That means your home’s interior is prone to leaks or even the roof falling in.

An Old Roof

Most roofs can last about 20 years without replacement. If you’ve been in your home for 20-25 years, it’s time for an upgrade.

Even if things seemingly appear to be okay, call a roofing professional to do an examination on your roof. There may be some issues that you’re unaware of. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

A Sagging Roof

If your roof begins to sag, that’s a severe problem. It’s a sign of structural damage, and it means that your roof could cave in at any time. If that happens, your home’s interior could become damaged.

It may even cause physical harm to you or your family members. This is especially true if your home doesn’t have an attic.

Falling Shingles

If you notice shingles on the ground or in the gutters, that means that they aren’t functional anymore. Shingles are an important component of the roof because they help to keep the sun’s heat away from your home. But if they’re falling off, that means they are worn out.

Your house needs as much protection as possible to shield your household from weather damage, heat, and other outside elements. By calling a roofing professional, you can get the matter taken care of and they can examine your roof for other serious issues unrelated to the shingles.

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Call a Roofing Professional ASAP

Your roof isn’t an area of your home that you should ignore. It’s highly prone to wear and tear, and it requires regular maintenance. A roofing professional can help you take care of any issues you’re having as soon as they arise.

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