Forex Signals and Copy Trading in MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 allows the traders to automatically copy the deals performed by other traders in real time through Trading Signals. Many successful traders become signal providers by offering their Forex trades in public access either free or for an affordable price.

The website and the Signal tab of the trading platform displays 3200+ free and commercial signals. All signal providers are arranged by their trading results for the convenience of the users. The most successful ones are placed on the top of the list. Select a signal provider, subscribe to their signal, and begin copying their deals on demo as well as on real accounts while staying on MetaTrader 4. Depending on the parameters of the trading the trader prefers, the signal will do all the work.

How to Subscribe to a Signal?

MetaTrader 4 trading signal service is a solution that provides the chance to trade successfully. In just a few clicks, traders can subscribe to signals of professional traders and all the signal deals will be copied in the trade account.

The following are needed to subscribe to a signal:

  • An active trading account and an updated MetaTrader 4 trading platform
  • An account in
  • A payment for the signal subscription fee via sufficient funds in MLQ5 account, bank card or e-wallet

Pay attention to the major efficiency parameters when selecting a signal. The signal list also displays the total amount of performed trades, the percentage of profitable ones, growth rates and other related information as well as the subscription button.

The payment for the subscription can be fulfilled through an account or other popular payment methods. MetaTrader 4 accepts MasterCard, Visa and UnionPay cards. PayPal, Neteller, WebMoney, and ePayments are also available. To perform a transaction, just select your prefered payment method.

Setup the way of how the signal’s trades will be mirrored in the account after the completion of the subscription process. It is important to determine the amount to be deposited and to be used for trading using the signal. Also, set up the Stop Loss and Take Profit values. After configuring all the parameters, start copying the trades.

To minimize network inactivity and improve the efficiency of the subscriptions, use the virtual hosting rental service.

To view the previous and current subscriptions, open the My Statistics tab. The tab allows the tracking of signal’s trading efficiency and managing of subscriptions.

How to Become a Signal Provider?

An experienced trader with a successful strategy can become a trading signal provider and boost earnings. Traders can mirror the deals and pay for the service.

On website, register as a Seller and allow the monitoring of the trading account. Millions of traders can view and subscribe to the signal and the seller will receive the payment.

  • Create an account in Log in if already registered. allows the interactions among the traders.
  • Fill out the personal data to register as a Seller.
  • Enroll the account as a source of trading signals and set the preferred price.

The signal appears in the roster and it becomes available to millions of traders for subscription after the verification.

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