How to Care for Your Toledo Windows and Doors

Windows and doors can be costly home improvements. In fact, the average homeowner spends more than $3,000 per year on home upkeep. And with exposure to the elements, your Toledo windows and doors could eat up a large portion of that budget if not looked after.

To get the most out of your investment and keep your windows and doors looking top quality, you need to practice regular maintenance. Yes, that means consistent cleaning. But regularly maintaining your windows involves best practices and techniques that can help preserve the longevity of your investment.

And in the case of resale, quality windows and doors can even help increase your home value. But where can you begin the maintenance process? Read on to learn the best maintenance practices you need to know.

Window Maintenance

From opening and closing a dozen times a day to weather conditions like rain and snow, your windows get a lot of use. To maintain your windows consider the three main parts: the window frame, the track, and the glass panels. Each window part presents its unique challenges and care instructions.

If you neglect one of these window parts, you could experience future maintenance issues. These tips are a holistic approach to caring for all the important areas.

Clean Glass Panels and Window Tracks

How often do you clean your windows? Don’t leave this household chore to annual spring cleaning. If time allows you should clean windows every month, if not every other week.

Use a glass cleaner to wipe clean the panels. Use a dusting cloth or soft brush to scrub dirt or dist off the window molding and tracks. Don’t forget to regularly open the windows and clean debris out of the tracks.

These areas are especially prone to the elements. Dirt, leaves, and other materials can build up in these spaces and cause problems opening and closing the windows.

Inspect Windows

If you regularly clean your windows, a thorough inspection is easy and frequent. This is crucial to maintaining the quality of your windows because you can quickly catch maintenance issues before they become serious and expensive home improvement projects.

For example, while cleaning the glass panel you may notice a small chip. Or when scrubbing the interior track you may feel resistance closing the window. In this case, you may benefit from contacting windows installation companies to inquire about products or service options.

Check for Paint Chipping

Your window frames may be metal. But in many traditional homes and apartments, these frames tend to be made of wood and painted. If you notice paint chipping, this could be a sign of a well-needed repaint.

However, paint chips can also signal underlying moisture issues. Any dampness around could mean water has passed through the frame and could potentially rot or decay the wood. Be on the lookout for these paint chips, warped or strange-looking wood.

Handle Interior Blinds or Panels With Caution

If your windows have interior blinds or panels, approach with caution. One quick pull or movement could tangle your blinds and require a maintenance or technician visit. This is costly and a hassle.

Be careful with tugging on the strings to open or close your interior window panels. And, just as you regularly check your windows, check that the blind tracks work properly.

Check the Window Sealant

To keep drafts and the outside elements at bay, windows typically have a special sealing. This is called chalking. Chalking looks like a thick rubber line that runs along the base of the window frame.

This material is essential to protecting the window but also helping to regulate your home’s interior temperature and act as a barrier to outside weather conditions. If you notice buckling or missing chalking, you may need a replacement.

Door Maintenance

Doors, like windows, require special maintenance practices. However, doors can present special challenges because of additional parts like knobs, hinges, and other hardware.

Clean Doors

Like windows, it is essential to regularly clean doors. For example, you can clean a patio door with your preferred glass cleaner or multi-purpose spray.

Furniture polish is the preferred cleaning solution for interior wood doors. Regular cleaning helps fight against dirt and dust build-up which could affect the luster and quality of your door.

Check Door Functions and Capabilities

If you notice wood swelling around the door frame or other issues that cause door functionality issues, you may need a professional opinion. This could signal a problem with the door frame’s alignment or another construction issue.

Fix Squeaky Hinges

Squeaky hinges are a nuisance and annoyance. But these hinge issues could also place stress and pressure on your door and frame. Use an oil spray to regularly lubricate the hinges.

Repair Broken or Old Locks

Broken or old locks serve no purpose. Regularly maintaining your doors will quickly reveal any lock problems. For example, you may notice an unusual tightness in the front doorknob.

Or the interior lock may click and not close. Avoid getting locked out of your home or sorting through spare keys. This is important for maintenance and owning a stress-free home.

Beware of Drafts

A quality exterior or interior door acts as a barrier and protector to the elements. While light air circulation is normal, a draft can signal a greater problem. Try tapping around your door frame or placing a loose string to notice airflow.

In the cold months, the draft could cause discomfort and increase your heating bill. You may be able to place door guards around the base to reduce this incoming air.

These Tips Will Keep Toledo Windows and Doors Looking Great for Years To Come

Keep up the curb appeal and quality of your home by investing time and resources into your Toledo windows and doors. By following these maintenance tips and establishing a consistent cleaning routine, you can add years of life to these expensive home features.

While light upkeep and staying on top of minor issues are important, always remember that more serious construction concerns like water damage may require the help of a professional. If you found these window and door tips helpful, then check out our other home improvement stories.

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