Top 4 Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

If you’re considering a bathroom upgrade, you aren’t alone. The bathroom is the second most popular room that homeowners wish they could upgrade and update. For those that decide to do it, they spend an average of $16,000 on the project.

No matter what budget you’re working with, you’ll want to maximize it by choosing the bathroom upgrades that will give you the greatest benefit.

Consider these five ideas for your bathroom remodel.

1. Lighting Upgrade

One of the most popular master bathroom remodel ideas is to upgrade the lighting. This one change will take your bathroom from a basic builder home to a luxury custom. Replace the standard lighting fixtures with ones that are more your style.

Use more than one type of metal for a modern look. Add layers of light for the perfect lighting in all situations. Install dimmer switches on the ambient light source to tone it down when needed.

You should have a bright ambient light, vanity lights, and accent lighting. A walk-in shower looks elegant with a light in it. LED strip lighting under the vanity or behind the vanity mirror gives your bathroom a modern feel.

2. Improve the Glass

Older walk-in showers have thick, shiny nickel frames around the glass. It makes your home look dated and budget-minded. Consider modern walk-in shower upgrades that replace these with glass-framed in sleek black or frameless.

Larger sheets of glass increase your line of sight and make the entire bathroom feel larger. They’re also thinner, so they increase your available space when replacing solid tiled walls. You can also use them to easily turn a tub shower into a walk-in shower.

It’s smart to work with a contractor for these upgrades. Glass is fragile and expensive. A glass and mirror contractor can install your new glass and handle any broken glass repair needs you may have.

3. Creative Tile

Unique tile is expensive. However, smaller bathrooms are the perfect place to splurge on the tile of your dreams. Use an affordable tile for the large surface areas to keep your bathroom upgrade costs down.

Splurge on your creative tile for use around the vanity or as an accent tile in the shower. You could have a hexagon or scalloped shape. Or you could choose a tile with a pattern or bold color.

4. Bold Wallpaper

Colorful and bold wallpaper is one of the more modern trending bathroom remodel ideas. Modern wallpaper is peel and stick for easy installation. Choose one with rich, vibrant colors and a bold pattern.

Are You Ready for a Bathroom Upgrade?

If your bathroom feels old and tired, then it’s time to seriously consider a bathroom upgrade. You could try one or more of these ideas in your bathroom. Perhaps you remove the old tub and ugly wall tile and replace it with a walk-in shower lined in a lovely wall tile with glass for the enclosure.

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