How to Be a Good Neighbor When Living in an Apartment

Being a good neighbor is important when residing in an apartment. Since apartment residents live in much closer proximity to one another than people who live in houses, it behooves them to be extra considerate of their neighbors’ needs. As any longtime apartment dweller can attest, it doesn’t pay to be at odds with people with whom you share a floor or building. Fortunately, being a good neighbor isn’t nearly as difficult as some renters make it look. Apartment residents who want to maintain good relationships with their neighbors are sure to benefit from the following pointers.

Keep Noise Levels in Check

Noise pollution is a prevalent problem in many apartment complexes. Although it can occur at any time of day, it can be particularly annoying during the nighttime hours, when most residents are trying to rest up. Noise pollution can take many different forms, including loud arguments, wild parties and excessive stomping. No one appreciates being put in the awkward position of going to the offending party’s apartment and trying to talk to them – and not everyone who knocks on your door in response to noise pollution is going to be nice about it. With this in mind, make a consistent effort to keep loud noises in your apartment to a minimum, particularly during the overnight hours.

When perusing apartments for rent in Omaha, NE, have a look at each building’s policies on noise pollution. Many properties prohibit loud noises during certain hours and have designated quiet periods. The exact hours vary from place to place, but daily quiet periods typically last between 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

Don’t Become Combative When a Neighbor Makes a Request

Some people are more sensitive to sound than others, and every apartment building has at least one resident who’s constantly complaining about loud noises. However, this isn’t to say that every noise complaint you elicit is without merit. If a neighbor comes to your door and requests that you lower your noise levels, don’t react with scorn or adopt a combative attitude, especially if the person making the complaint is being perfectly respectful.

Take Your Garbage to the Dumpster Posthaste

People who leave bags full of garbage outside of their apartments don’t tend to be well-liked. Such behavior is typically viewed as lazy, unsanitary and inconsiderate. Not only does this serve to spread germs and stink up hallways, it also acts as a magnet for assorted pests and vermin. Furthermore, this is likely to elicit negative attention from landlords and property owners. As such, make a point of taking full garbage bags to the onsite dumpsters ASAP.

Everyone has dealt with an inconsiderate neighbor at some point. Whether it’s someone who engaged in rampant noise pollution, exhibited combative behavior, improperly disposed of trash or any combination thereof, odds are this person was able to draw your ire. Having experienced bad neighbors firsthand, you should make a conscious effort to avoid acting like one – particularly when residing in an apartment.

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