A Guide to Make Your Small Kitchen Incredibly Stylish

Even though it is mandatory to rely upon professionals while designing any part of a house, you can visually expand the overall appearance of small kitchens and make them exceptionally elegant without much help. Simply make sure to implement a few distinct tasks such as install open cupboards, use plenty of lights and bold colours, mix up the varied materials, etc. For details, feel free to check out the points mentioned below.

  • A small kitchen might not be architecturally fascinating thus style could only be incorporated if you can create a mixture. Go for cohesive look by adding cabinets, breakfast islands, and other fixtures manufactured out of various materials such as granite, glass, steel, marble, etc.
  • Cupboards towering from above can make one feel boxy or claustrophobic. Thus, try opting for open storage, which would not only make the kitchen look spacious but provide you with the opportunity of displaying your favourite dishes, artwork, shiny pans and pots, etc. If there is no place at all, you can also hang all the utensils in a decorative manner.
  • One of the most well-known interior designers has stated that glass could effectually create an illusion of space. Thus, try installing glass counter, closets, and doors. Mirrors placed strategically in the neighbouring room or having pass-through windows can also lighten up the outlook.
  • Remember that a small kitchen would not be able to accommodate laundry duties, mail storage, recipe hunting, homework, etc. Meal preparation is the primary function of kitchens and hence focusing on it stands to be viable. According to the providers of marble benchtops in Brisbane, you must invest in innovative or scaled-down appliances such as refrigerator with freezer drawers, single sinks, stoves with two burners, and a miniature countertop.
  • Small kitchens require atmospheric lighting but instead of fluorescent bulbs, you can most surely add a lot of drama by installing pendant lights over the eating table and incandescent lights under cabinets.
  • Wouldn’t metallic red cupboards or dark green benchtops be extremely eye-catching? Experimenting with colours is also much significant. While pastel or lighter shades can successfully reflect light, draw human eye up, and make ceilings appear much higher, bold colours could make the area much more attractive.
  • Although the entire square footage is much less, it still should not stop you from investing in fashionable flooring that can captivate the attention of everyone without any sort of effort. Checkerboard patterns are immensely alluring but marble floors are durable and cork is an eco-friendly option.

While keeping the tips specified above in mind and executing them properly is necessary, if you find the entire work too challenging and time-consuming, consider looking for proficient designers with adequate experience and credible reputation.

The tricks for visually enlarging a kitchen are fine but at times you can embrace the space available and make the most out of it. Just because your kitchen is small does not mean it cannot be inviting.

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