Why do Modern-day Houses experience Low Water Pressure?

Among all the plumbing problems that modern-day individuals have to face at some point in their lives, low water pressure is perhaps the most annoying. Faucets taking almost an eternity to fill a bathtub, washing machine and dishwasher running a cycle for an extremely prolonged period, or shower head not offering strong sprays certainly stand to be a source of intense exasperation. Detecting all possible reasons behind low water pressure prior to seeking professional assistance for resolution is quite necessary. Know more by going through out the write-up given below.

  1. Many houses have two shut-off valves that control the flow of water. The first one is called water metre that is situated on the street and used only by the utility workers of a city while the second one is called main valve located on the outside wall through which the primary water line enters a home. Now if any of the two valves are not fully open, there is a high chance that consumers would experience immensely negligible water pressure.
  1. If water metre and main valves are both open, it is necessary to move on and check the pipes for blockage. Galvanised pipes made of steel are quite prone to corrosion and when the surfaces turn rough due to rust, various materials such as gunk, bio-film, and other foreign objects start accumulating inside them. This particular issue must be thoroughly checked and solved only by a professional. One must never try unclogging pipes on his or her own because improper methods could contaminate the overall drinking supply.
  1. Is the plumbing system of your house equipped with a pressure regulator? It could be loosely defined as a control valve that successfully alleviates the input pressure so that no damage is imposed upon the pipes. Well, it could be a reason for low water pressure because if the regulator is faulty, it might cause a severe upward spike in the general flow of water. Consumers could fix this problem on their own by simply finding out the supply line and adjusting the screw of the device.
  1. According to a renowned plumber of Sandringham, defective fixtures could also lead to low water pressure. Have you not repaired or replaced the taps or showers of your house for long? If yes, they might have got clogged due to dirt, dust, limestone, and rust, hence, impeding flow as well as reducing the quality of water. For determining if this is the issue, consider turning on all the fixtures one at a time.
  1. Impaired plumbing system usually leads to several types of problems and low water pressure is certainly one of them. If your house has become old, naturally its plumbing has also aged. It might have become extremely corroded and is filled with considerable amounts of filth. Thus, make sure to get it replaced as soon as possible because that would increase the pressure of water and let it flow seamlessly.

Now that all my readers know about the different reasons due to which pressure of water falls, feel free to contact a plumber and get them resolved immediately.

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