7 Types of Fences to Consider for Your Backyard

You know your home needs a fence—but how on earth do you work out which types of fences are the best?

The right fence will keep your property secure, offer privacy, keep the kids safe, and will keep your faithful family dog from wandering off. However, installing a new fence or replacing an old one is an investment, so you want to make the right choice for you and your family.

If you’re not sure how to choose a fence, we can help. Keep reading to find seven of the most popular fence types to consider, including the pros and cons to both.

1. Wood Is One of the Most Popular Types of Fences

Many homeowners love the traditional, classic look of wooden fences, making them one of the most popular fence designs.

As long as you maintain it, wooden fences can last for years and give your home a beautiful look. However, wood can sometimes be expensive, so if you have a large yard, it’s something to consider.

Wood fences can also be customized with various paint colors or finishes, so there are plenty of options to personalize the look. You can go for the wooden picket fence look, which offers security and privacy, or split rail wooden fence, which is more affordable but less secure.

However, with split rail fences, you can add mesh or wiring for extra security, which can also be useful for keeping wildlife out of your backyard.

To get started, look for a local company like the All American Fence and Gate company to get a quote for your project.

2. Bamboo

When choosing a fence, are you looking for an environmentally-friendly material? If so, you want to think about bamboo.

There are plenty of advantages to building with bamboo, as it is incredibly strong, sustainable, and long-lasting–everything you need from a fence.

You can use live bamboo as a natural fence (but not in a colder climate), or bamboo cane and rolled bamboo are also good fence styles. It also adds a unique look that’s different from what most other homeowners will have.

3. Chain Link

For backyard fences, the chain link style is also very popular. They are very affordable, quick to install, and don’t require much maintenance.

Although they don’t offer privacy, you can also plant shrubs or trees to help make your property more hidden. They can also be good if you need to keep pets secure in the yard.

Chain link is most commonly used in parks, schools, or commercial buildings, but plenty of homeowners enjoy it for their backyard as well.

4. Wrought Iron

For a classic look, reminiscent of Victorian-era townhouses, consider a wrought iron fence. These elegant fences offer plenty of styles and design options, and are sure to turn heads as people walk by your property.

If you do go down the wrought iron fence route though, just know that they do require a bit of maintenance. To keep them looking their best, wrought iron will need to be sanded and repainted every few years. You’ll also want to keep your eye out for signs of rust.

They’re also strong and secure, so wrought iron is a top choice for protecting your privacy.

5. Vinyl

Have you thought about vinyl fencing? It’s not the first material that might come to mind, but it offers a similar look to wooden fencing, with less upkeep required.

It may be a bit more expensive than wood to install, but it will likely last longer and requires no maintenance, making it worth the expense. In fact, vinyl will basically last until you decide to tear it down, so if you want a fence you can install and then forget about, vinyl is a terrific option.

Vinyl comes in plenty of colors and never needs to be painted—it will hold onto its color forever. This also means you don’t need to worry about graffiti, as any paint sprayed on vinyl can be easily washed off.

6. Stone

Have you thought about building a stone fence? It’s a unique look, plus it’s a gorgeous way to bring elements of nature into your home’s backyard.

Stone walls are architecturally impressive, but they are heavy and can be expensive to install. You’ll also need to consider regular maintenance, as stones may fall over time and you’ll need to put the time in to keep it looking good.

7. Aluminum

There’s plenty to like about aluminum fences. They’re versatile, with plenty of style choices, and they’re also easy to look after and quick to install.

For a large backyard, aluminum can be a good choice, since you can have the fence up and running in just a few days. It’s also long-lasting and doesn’t require much maintenance.

However, aluminum fences can be see-through and may be spaced too far apart to keep small pets secure.

Which Fence Design Is Right for Your Home?

With so many types of fences, how can you decide which option is best for your backyard? After reading through the above, you hopefully have a better understanding of each fence type.

You may want to do some additional research on the types of fences you think would be best for your home, then look for a local fencing company that can give you a quote for the installation.

Soon, you’ll have a beautiful new fence for your backyard!

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