5 amazing styling ideas with the Hans Wegner Wing Chair

The Hans Wegner Wing Chair is the epitome of chic styling. Wegner crafted it to deliver the best ergonomics and timeless looks. Even though it was first conceived in the 1960s, the classic aesthetic of this chair is suitable for modern times as well. In fact, it can be featured as a great addition in many contemporary style interior designs. It’s got the charisma, visual value, and creativity and brings unfettered character to every space that it’s furnished in. Below, we’ll look at 5 amazing styling ideas you can achieve with the Hans Wegner Wing Chair:

  1. The one with the statement art


The Hans Wegner Wing Chair is a veritable accent piece. Its distinct form is perfect for making a statement in any space that it’s featured in, so it’s usually used as a solitary or freestanding chair. You can style it uniquely by pairing it up with a nice backdrop and supplementary furniture. It doesn’t get any better than an oversized statement art piece. You can choose it to be three shades darker than your chair so that it can stand out and provide a nice background at the same time.

  1. The one with the bookcase


The Hans Wegner Wing Chair is the kind of recliner that is perfect for getting some work done on. Therefore, it only makes sense to pair it with a bookcase or a work table. You can get the best of both worlds by matching it with both. The bookcase can be outfitted beside the chair itself and a small laptop table can be set up front to create a great, comfortable, and highly ergonomic work environment. You can even add an end table by the side where you can place a mug of coffee or anything else that you’d need while working.

  1. A dramatic alcove


While the overall design of the Hans Wegner Wing Chair is very understated and elegant, it also has an undercurrent of drama to its form. The wide wingback design never fails to catch the eye and the angle of recline is always so inviting. Plus, the upholstery can be chosen as per need, which makes this chair the perfect candidate to beautify a space with some flair, drama, and charisma.

  1. A sunny sit-down area


Whether it’s an indoor solarium, porch, or a sunny side picture window, the Hans Wegner Wing Chair would make a great addition to any of these spaces. You can style the chair in a way that spruces up the overall aesthetic of the space where you’re placing it. You can surround it with lush planters that thrive in the sun and pair it with a nice foot stool and end table so you can relax there with a book, a cup of coffee, or anything else that you need here.

  1. A resting area essential


Have you ever had one of those super tiring days at work, where you just need to sit down and relax after a while? Well, this is why you need the Wegner Wing Chair in your offices! It can be placed in any empty nook that you have in your break area, and anyone can just go and recline in it whenever they feel like they cannot handle any more work. It’s understated and elegant, which suits a working environment perfectly. You don’t even have to style it with any accessories – just the chair alone will feel like a welcoming respite.

These are some unique ways to style your Hans Wegner Wing Chair. We hope this guide helps you get the best results!

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