Understanding The Difference Between a Microwave And an OTG

Almost every household is confused while purchasing a microwave. They are not sure whether they want a microwave oven or an OTG? Moreover, most people do not have a clear idea about the difference between the two.

To most, the functions of an OTG and microwave are the same and hence they end up choosing a cheaper option to save money. The truth is that they may carry out similar functions but there are basic distinctions which make the two different from each other.

For starters, both OTG and microwave have different working processes. They have different heating elements and hence they use electricity to heat in different patterns/amount.

But, we have made your decision making process simpler and convenient by sharing important details about both an OTG and a microwave. This will help you to determine which one is appropriate for your home use-

What is a Microwave Oven?

A microwave oven is commonly referred to as a microwave convection oven. They are usually used to heat or cook food. Initially, microwaves were used specifically to instantly heat the food but nowadays they are used for basic cooking purposes as well.

They are mostly used for baking cakes and roasting a variety of food items. Its utility is extremely high because the appliance quickens the process of heating food and you instantly get to eat something hot.

What is OTG?

Even today, many people are unsure about what OTG stands for? Well, it stands for Oven, Toaster and Grill. This tiny yet productive device can be used for three unique purposes.

The appliance has a coil at the top and space at the bottom where the food is supposed to be placed. This coil is used to heat the food, once the coil gets heated it transfers the heat to the food. It is not necessary that you may use both the coils for heating purposes. There are some people who prefer using only one coil, others use both coils.

The use of coil mainly depends on your necessity. Besides, temperature in OTG is controlled by the thermostat and this feature helps you to cook all kinds of food comfortably in this appliance.

This controlled temperature feature makes an OTG more desirable to consumers since they can prepare different cuisines using it. Besides, they can easily follow instructions mentioned in any recipe book and relish a cuisine of their choice on an almost daily basis.

Major Difference Between an OTG and a Microwave

Now that you have a proper basic understanding about the core functions of both a microwave and an oven let’s get to know the difference between the two.

●    Heat and electricity consumption-

Both appliances run on electricity but the amount of electricity that each of them consumes varies. When you notice the heating process of an OTG you will get to know that it uses electricity to heat its nickel/chromium coils. Once they get heated they transmit the heat to the food and the food eventually gets cooked.

The major drawback in cooking food in an OTG is that if you do not set it at the correct temperature, you will either get half-cooked food or over-cooked food.

On the other hand, microwave utilises the heat generated from within to heat the food. Additionally, a microwave consumes lesser amount of electricity as compared to an OTG.

●    Speed

Your food gets cooked faster in a microwave because there is an even distribution of heat in the appliance whereas an OTG takes more time to heat and cool down the food. This means that if you are preparing a huge meal for Christmas, Thanksgiving or for a party in an OTG, you will have to wait in between dishes.

Contrary to this, a microwave’s quick heating quality can quicken the process and it is more economical as well.

●     Price

If you look at the prices of both the appliances-OTG and microwave then they appear to be similar. But, the price range mainly varies on the brand that you are looking for because there are some economic models available in the market.

If you find it difficult to shortlist one particular model, you can always get in touch with reliable and experienced kitchen shops that can guide you to choose a particular model based on your cooking requirements.

If you wish to save on your energy bills, opt for a microwave while if you want to experiment with different cuisines invest on an OTG.

●    Temperature Control

OTG offers you the option to manually change the temperature while in a microwave the temperature is regulated automatically. While using microwave sometimes you have the liberty to set the temperature but this largely depends on the food you are cooking.

Your usage (how often and for what purpose) and time (just to heat food or to prepare new meals) are the two factors which you must consider while purchasing an oven/OTG.

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