The Benefits of Using Propane Gas in Your Home

Did you know, the average US home spends around $66 in natural gas per year to heat their home? In addition, natural gas can cause a lot of damage to the environment. But did you know there is a cheaper, more environmentally friendly solution?

That solution is propane. Read on as we discuss the benefits of using propane gas in your home or business.

1. Green Fuel

In 1990, propane was listed as a green fuel. It produces less greenhouse gas emissions than petrol and diesel and does not contain many of the harmful products they pump out when burnt.

For example, it contains 60% less carbon monoxide, 20% less nitrogen, and 20% less greenhouse gas overall. Because it is non-toxic, it can be kept underground in a tank. Any accidental leaks will not cause damage to soil or local water supplies.

2. Locally Produced

Most of the propane used in the US is produced domestically. It has not undergone long journeys or import from foreign countries.

This means its transportation costs cut down the carbon footprint drastically, and also make it much cheaper to purchase. This location can supply local propane gas for all your needs.

3. It Has a Number of Uses

Propane is an extremely versatile product. Any product that runs on natural gas or electricity in your home or business, can use propane.

This can include heating, hot water, with fireplaces and pool heating included. It can power cooking appliances and outdoor grills. Finally, heavy equipment such as tow motors, construction equipment, and backup generators can also be used.

4. Cost Saving

One of the major benefits of propane is that it is much more cost-effective than using electricity or natural gas. If you are using propane for home heating, then it can produce twice as much hot water as an electric unit in the same time frame.

When using gas heat, propane will cost more to purchase by unit. However, as it lasts longer and is more efficient it will result in savings long term.

5. Propane Gas Is Safe

Propane for the home is kept in tanks under land or the property. The tanks are extremely resilient and are often resistant to puncturing and leakage. Even if this did occur, the gas is far less harmful than other gases.

As propane produces very little carbon monoxide, poisoning and build-up are much less likely than you would get with gas heaters. While you should still keep detectors, it is unlikely you will find a problem.

6. It Works in an Emergency

Should the grid fail, or an emergency brings down power lines, then you have no way to heat your home. With propane as your source of home gas and power, you have everything you need onsite to keep your house powered and working efficiently.

Sourcing Propane Gas

Now you know the benefits of propane gas, you just need to make the switch. Search for local suppliers in your area and discuss it with them. You could be making savings before you know it.

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