Simple Ways to Increase Home Security

Home security is definitely one issue which should be taken seriously. There’s no place like home, which means you should do everything in your power to make it as safe as possible. Not everyone has pure intentions as you do, so it’s important to eliminate the threat of potential danger. What’s more, depending on where you live, animals could find their way into your home, too. All of this can make you and your family members feel unsafe and unable to relax. This is why it’s advisable to fix your home up a little. The ways of increasing home security are numerous and you won’t have to spend a lot of money just to ensure your own safe haven.

1. Invest in a safe

A safe is a perfect way to guarantee all your valuables are kept out of harm’s way. You can place it in your bedroom, in the closet, and store all the really valuable goods in one place. Depending on the size, you can get even more creative with the location.

Just make sure to choose somewhere where the safe won’t be easily accessible to the burglar. Behind the wall or under your bed are just two ideas. Whatever you decide, you can rest knowing all your valuables are going to stay right where they are.

2. Keep your car keys close

Garage breaking and entering is also fairly common. This means the thief will either try to steal your car or get into your house through the garage. To secure this part of the house, all you have to do is keep your car keys close.

This way, if you hear strange noises in the garage, you can press the panic button on your keys. An alarm will go off, scaring off anyone who thought about doing anything malicious. The thief won’t see it coming and will surely get out of there ASAP.

3. Protect the windows

It’s usually reported that someone got in through the lower floor window. This is why you have to always remember to close and lock your windows at night. Of course, sometimes this may not be enough. After all, windows are made of glass and anyone determined to get in can easily break that glass.

You can put up steel bars and secure your windows that way. If you have steel bars, no one will be able to get in, even if they break the glass. This is a simple project that you can do by yourself or that you can hire professionals for.

4. Close the blinds and curtains

No one likes a peeping tom, which is why curtains and blinds are a must in any home. Have you ever looked out of an open window at night, into the dark? You can’t see anything, but because of the light in your home, anyone can see you and the possessions in your house. This thought can get scary and make you feel unsafe.

This is why you have to remember to close the blinds and curtains as soon as it gets dark. Anyone strolling about won’t be able to see how beautiful your house is on the inside, or what you’re doing and where you are. They provide an extra sense of privacy as well as security.

5. Don’t forget about the backyard

Most people today have a backyard that they like to enjoy with their families. It’s nicely decorated, with lawn furniture and maybe even some backyard structures. Who knows, you might have a cute little garden steadily growing there, too. Of course, a good backyard should always be fenced off from the rest of the street. This keeps your children and pets in, but also keeps everyone else outside.

A sturdy and tall fence is no good if your backdoor is wide open for anyone to enter. Most people just lock the back door, hoping that will be enough to keep intruders at bay. Sometimes, though, other precautionary matters are needed. A lock can easily be picked and your garden can become a victim of vandalism, stuff can go missing, and the intruder will be that much closer to you and your family. There’s a simple way to prevent this scenario, though. All you have to do is lock your backdoor with an unbreakable pad lock. This extra front of protection will surely come in handy, especially if you use it on the inside of your fence, so the intruder can’t get to it.

6. Mount security cameras

Having security cameras might be the smartest thing you can do for your home. It instantly tells you who’s responsible for trying to break in or for vandalizing your home. You have sound evidence and can easily get compensation back for the damage that has been done. The case is open and shut.

More importantly, security cameras allow you to react on time. If you hear strange noises outside, all you have to do is check the cameras and call the police. They allow you to stay safe in your house and not face the danger yourself, potentially even saving your life.


As you can see, there are many details to take care of when it comes to home security. Knowing which of these tips to apply to your household and how will help you a great deal in keeping your family out of harm’s way. A secured home is the basis of a healthy environment where everyone can freely be who they are, relaxed and without any worries. We’re confident you’ll reach this goal of proper home security easily now that you know what steps to follow.

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