My Building’s Roof Is Leaking!: A Complete Guide to Commercial Roof Leak Repair

The total commercial floor space in the U.S. increased by 51 billion square feet in the year 2012. This increase is in part due to the constant growth in the demand for commercial buildings. As these buildings begin to age over time, one of the most common concerns becomes the recurrence of roof leaks, more so during the rainy seasons.

If you own a commercial building, the recurrence of a leaking roof is the worst situation to deal with. The onset of leaks in your commercial building may lead to immense damages and losses. Finding a reliable commercial roof leak repair expert in such cases is critical.

A leaky roof can be a ticking time bomb in any commercial building. The best solution would be to consider urgent roof leak repair for the commercial building. Here’s your complete guide to commercial roof leak repair.

Common Locations for Commercial Roof Leak

When your commercial building begins to show the first signals of roof leaks, the signs may be too subtle to notice. It takes a keen eye and adequate experience to notice such damages on the roof. The best way to deal with such commercial building roof issues would be to call in the experts as soon as the first signs emerge.

Here’re some of the common locations where commercial roof leaks are present.

Ponding Water Caused by Clogged Drains

Most times, ponding water rarely affects flat roofs. However, when your commercial building has a flat roof and observable ponding, this may lead to leaks in your commercial roof. When your commercial roof keeps leaking, you might need to check the drainage system.

The ponding of water due to clogged drains causes the roof to leak in specific sections where the water ponds. The accumulation of debris leaves and branches can lead to the clogging of the gutters. One of the easiest ways to deal with the problem would be to consider bi-yearly maintenance schedules.

An experienced roofing repairer can help you clear such debris from the clogged sections of the drain. The accumulation of ponding water forces the water to look for alternative drain points. Even well-maintained roofs can end up struggling with accumulated ponding water, which means that your roof must undergo consistent inspection.

Damaged Penetrators

It’s common to find various roof penetrators on commercial buildings. These penetrators are either gas lines, drains, heating, or air conditioning units. When these penetrators start to age, they’ll begin to cause leaks on the roof.

If you suspect that the penetrators could be causing recurrent leaks, it would be best to call in the experts immediately. An experienced commercial roof leak repair contractor will ensure that the penetrators are secured using boots, collars, or flashing.

This will minimize the gaps that may be leading to the leaks. Working with a qualified roofer will minimize the risk of a recurrence of leaks on the roof. At, you’ll get the perfect solution for all the roof repair you need.

Damaged Roof Membranes

The roof membranes are often susceptible to damages as your commercial building ages. Weather elements are the most common culprits causing these damages. However, foot traffic over the roof may also lead to injuries to the membranes during installations or roof replacement.

When you realize sudden subtle leaks on the roof, the membranes are often the first place to check for punctures or wear and tear. The best thing to do in such cases is to call in seasoned roofers to patch up the membranes.

The process of commercial roof leak repair when the membrane has suffered punctures involves patching. The average roof membrane should last around 20-25 years, beyond which repairs and replacement should be a considered option.

The roofer will patch the affected sections using a hot-tar-and-gravel solution.

Leaks Caused by an Aging Roof

Just like most other elements in your commercial building, roofs eventually give in to the pressure of age. A typical roof will last between 15-30 years. Beyond this point, leaks are a common concern as the roof ages.

When you notice leaks on a commercial building that has had the same roof for 25 years, considering commercial roof leak repair may not be enough. It would be best if you also consider a more long-term solution, which is roof replacement.

Average Cost of Commercial Roof Leak Repair

When your commercial roof begins to leak, the first thing on your mind is how much it will cost to repair the roof. The actual cost of commercial roof leak repair varies depending on a few factors. These factors include the type of roof, the commercial building’s size, and the roofing contractor you contract.

The national average for roof repair is around $904. Most commercial building owners spend as much as $1,460 to repair leaks on their commercial roof. This cost may be higher depending on the size of the roof and the kind of repair involved.

The majority of commercial buildings opt for metal and asphalt shingles as the best options when roofing. Metal roofs are more expensive to repair when leaks occur compared to other roofing options. Nonetheless, most commercial roofing contractors consider metal roofs more durable and safer despite being more costly to repair.

Other factors such as the cause of the leaks and the locations may also determine the cost of commercial roof leak repair. It’s advisable to consider the services of a seasoned roofing contractor even if their cost of roofing repairs is higher. Most commercial building owners make the mistake of considering the services of budding roofing contractors only to end up with regrets.

Consider Experienced Commercial Roof Leak Repair Today

Are you wondering how to fix a commercial roof leak in your building? A majority of commercial buildings develop leaks over time due to the effects of weather elements and age. When your facility begins to leak, the results can be detrimental to your property and assets.

Finding the right commercial roof leak repair contractor can help you get your roof back to functional order. You should consider the best commercial roof leak repair contractors near you to guarantee you the best interventions.

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