How to Make Ceramic Planters for Your Home and Yard

Ready to explore a fun art form while also creating something with a practical use? Ceramic planters just might be the perfect project.

These beautiful little crafts can spark your creativity and give you something to smile at every time you use them. And they make great gifts too! You’ll need access to a kiln, some clay, and any ceramics equipment (such as shaping tools) you might want to use.

Let’s get started!

Get Your Clay

The main material you’ll need is some clay. If you’re making a few planters, go ahead and separate the material into multiple balls—one for each planter you’re going to make.

Remove all the air from the clay with a proper wedging. This will ensure the clay doesn’t explode in the kiln later on. So this is definitely not a step to skimp on.

Do Some Shaping

There are many different ways to shape your planters. If you have a pottery wheel, you can have some fun making a smooth and symmetric (or perfectly imperfect) bowl shape.

For those out there without pottery wheels, though, you can still make something beautiful. To make a simple pinch pot, start by pressing a dent into your ball of clay. Then smooth out the sides until they are relatively thin but still sturdy.

Now you’ve got a great shape to put your plants in!

Add the Final Touches

Before you glaze and fire the clay, you should take a moment to make some final adjustments. For example, you’ll probably want a drainage hole in each pot. Go ahead and poke these holes out.

You might also want to sign your planters at the bottom. If you’re thinking of gifting any of these, you can write a sweet message. Use a sharp instrument to carve letters, drawings, or symbols into the bottoms of your creations.

Then it’s time to have some fun! What else do you want to add to your planters? You can add arms, legs, an elephant trunk, a beautiful flower…the possibilities are endless.

Fire the Clay

Once your clay plant pots are in their final shape, you’re ready to fire them. This hardens the clay, turning it into ceramics.

Just make sure to dry your clay completely before placing it in the kiln. If you don’t, the clay can explode while heating up! So stay safe and get rid of any moisture beforehand.

Glaze the Ceramic Planters

Glazes determine the final colors and aesthetics of your clay, so choose wisely. You can use multiple glazes for extra shine. If you want to strengthen your glaze, you can use a binder like the PEG-400 from

Coat your clay in your favorite glaze and admire your handiwork. Then do a glaze firing, and you’ll be ready to turn these pieces of art into a home for plants!

All Done!

Ceramic planters are so many things at once. They’re a work of art, a fun hobby to concentrate on, a piece of interior design, and—most importantly—a place to put your lovely plants.

So what are you waiting for? Create something fun and memorable today.

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