How to Install Carpet: A Homeowner’s Guide

Are you building a new home or planning a remodel? If so, there’s plenty of work ahead of you.

After all, the design and construction process can be complicated and stressful. You will have tons of decisions to make, including choosing the right details to make the project come out perfect.

This includes DIY aspects of home construction, such as installing the carpet yourself. This article takes a look at how to install carpet like a pro without paying professionals to do the job for you.

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The Proper Tools and Materials

Let’s start by discussing the essential tools and materials you’re going to need for carpet installation. These include the carpet and tackless strip, tape, power stretcher, tack strip cutter, razor knife, gloves, stair tool, knee-kicker, hammer, carpet knife, top cutter, and a wall trimmer.


Now you’re ready to measure the surface to be carpeted. The key is to start by measuring the longest wall in your room, multiply the length and width, and then divide that number by 9 to determine the square yardage needed.

It’s a good idea to pad your measurement by 10% to allow for any errors or irregularities.

Cleaning the Floor Surface

Next, be sure to thoroughly clean the floor where you’re installing the carpet. This includes scraping up any paint or joint compound, then sweep and vacuum the debris from the surface.

Preparing the Tackless Strips

Now use snips to cut the tackless strips to the proper sizes for each wall. Just remember to avoid installing tackless strips across doorways or thresholds. It’s also important to use tackless strips of the proper thickness for the carpet you’re installing.

Rolling Out Your Carpet Pad

Once you’ve cleaned the floor and installed the tackless strips, rolling your carpet pad into place. Be sure to lay it out perpendicular to the direction that you’ll be installing the carpet and then staple it to the tackless strips using a staple hammer.

It’s also important to use a utility knife to trim the padding along the edge of your tackless strips so the tack will be exposed.

Rolling Out Your Carpet

Now you’re ready to roll the carpet into place, keeping it as straight as possible. Remember to cut away the excess so that you’ll have about 3 inches next to the walls.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to create a seam in areas where the edges of 2 pieces of carpet meet.

Dry-fit the carpet before stapling it down to make sure everything looks great. Then you can attach it to the tackless strips at one end and make adjustments as needed.

Using the Power Stretcher

Next, use the power stretcher to attach the other end to the tackless strips. Once the carpet is in place, cut around the vent openings and attach shoe molding around each room as needed.

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A Homeowner’s Guide On How to Install Carpet Yourself

Building or remodeling a house is full of challenges. Fortunately, these tips for how to install carpet yourself will help make the process a little easier while saving money in the process.

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