Home Theater System Installation Do’s and Don’ts

It’s 2021, and many people who are still stuck at home need something new. Thankfully, your old rooms can turn into something exciting and future-proof. A home theater room!

A properly build and planned home theater system installation will bring you and your family many hours of entertainment. You need to make many choices when it comes to your cinema room, materials, equipment, cords, and so on.

This guide may help you decide if you need home theater system installation services. Read on to know more about the do’s and don’ts related to your home theater installation.

Home Theater System Installation Do’s 

A home theater system installation is easier than you think, but it can easily mess up. You have to make a lot of decisions regarding the equipment and installation itself. Here are a few do’s that you have to keep in mind for your home theater room:

Talk with Experts Before Purchasing

Sales clerks are specially trained to influence you to buy a certain product that fits your needs. However, some products may not work as well as sales clerks make them out to be. Before finalizing your purchase, consider consulting with home theater experts to ensure that you get the best equipment.

Sales clerks may give the best advice, but they’re more concentrated on getting you to purchase the product on the same day. It’s also best to be careful of reviews and online shopping. Buying online is convenient and easy, but the product may end up being unsuitable for you.

If you have friends or family that no more about home theater installation, ask them for tips. Talk about your plans for the home theater room and what details you should consider for your home.

Know What You Need

The internet has the answer for everything, especially when you need a list of all your home theater needs. You can search for the best speaker selection, screen TVs, theater chairs, and so on.

Getting to know the essentials for your budget home theater is a must, especially if you want to save. Compare certain models and brands to get the best quality and price.


Install Your Lights in the Right Places

Lighting is essential to the mood and environment of your home theater. Getting faded lights or fiber optic lighting really adds to the real theater feeling. Consider purchasing lights where you can control the intensity of the lights to match the mood.

Although lighting is important, it’s best not to have too much, especially from natural light. Flooding your home theater room with lights may ruin the image quality of your TV and affect your theater experience. Ensure that all your windows have shades or blinds to minimize leaking lights.

Buy the Equipment Strategically

Planning where your equipment will go ahead of time will help you get an idea of what to purchase first. Your equipment should fit your space and work well with the other items in the room. You don’t want to purchase a TV that may be too big for the wall or lights that don’t match your wall’s color.

Home Theater System Installation Don’ts 

Now that we have the do’s listed out, here are a few don’ts. These don’ts will help you avoid crucial mistakes and issues that may lead to equipment failure in the future.

Not Paying Attention to Your Cable’s HDMI Features

You may think that any HDMI may do, but now we have many new features like 4K support and Ethernet. When planning ahead, you need to ensure that you have the right theater system and HDMI cables to last you until the next new features. This is especially so if you plan to run the cables in your crawl space or wall where they can’t be easily upgraded or removed.

Avoid headaches later on by paying attention to the labels on the HDMI cables. A good place to start is by finding “High Speed” HDMI cables. They’re a type of HDMI that has the latest designs that support many of the latest features.

Going Over Your Budget

Although you may feel compelled to buy the “best products” available in the market, it’s best to have some control. Spending a lot on increased power or extra features may not make a huge difference to your overall theater experience. Unless you know a lot about the features and specifications, you should hold off purchasing high-end products.

Many cheaper versions may work as well as the expensive ones that are available in the market. Find the best balance between funding good deals and getting quality products. Save your cash by sticking close to your realistic budget.

Placing the Chairs Too Close or Too Far From the Screen

The distance of the chairs from your screen is essential if you want a comfortable experience. Sitting too far from the screen prevents you from looking at the finer details of the movie. On the other hand, sitting too close diminishes how well you can see the entire screen.

The general thumb of the rule is to sit within 1.5 to 2.5 times your diagonal screen measurement. You should have a 30-degree viewing angle to see the screen comfortably. Check out Elite HTS for some of the most comfortable theater chairs, or build a custom chair that fits you.

Ignoring the Location of Your Door

When installing your home theater, you have to consider the arrangement of the room and the location of your door. Having people pass in front of your television or projector can ruin your theater experience.

Consider placing your home theater in a new room or change the placement of your TV. You can also move your seats forward or place a table at the front of your seating to block the area off from passers-by.

Know Your Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Installation

When it comes to home theater system installation, you have to be careful of every detail. Do your research on your theater room, equipment, and overall look and feel. Keep these do’s and don’ts in mind when you plan and purchase your home theater room.

Need more tips about home theater installation? Take a look at our collection of guides with helpful information, tips, and tricks.

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