Emile Haddad Seattle highlights the importance of architecture

Architecture is extremely important to every society as it plays definite role in defining the physical environment in which they live in. Architecture is an aspect that provides an expression of the civilization at any point of time. It essentially forms the reflection of the society that can be studied by the future generations.

Emile Haddad Seattle talks about the diverse aspects of architecture. Architecture is essentially the expression of the true strength of the society.  Unlike most other types of art forms, architecture tend to lie in full view and is extremely difficult to get rid of in most cases.  As per Emile Haddad Seattle, architecture is known to be one of the relatively permanent expressions of how a society views itself as a whole.  It also underlines how the society sees the environment and can even serve as a time capsule of both human though and history. Architecture ideally serves as an extremely powerful reflection of human culture as well.

Architecture is largely defined as a part science, as well as a part art.  As an art, architecture tends to provide an outlet for creative expression. It subsequently leads a society to take a look at their distinct living space, as well as the overall environment in several different ways. In addition to this, as a science, architecture responds to the various functional needs of the society. Emile Haddad Seattle adds that in the contemporary domain of architecture, modern technologies are often used in building designing. The overall global population is growing, as well as becoming urbanized at quite a rapid pace. As with time this trend is beginning to accelerate, the role of architecture in designing and constructing sustainable living space will become incredibly critical.

The architecture prevalent in diverse parts of the world is essentially distinguished from each other.  The architecture of Seattle, the largest city of the state of Washington for example includes various aspects that predate the arrival of the first settlers of European ancestry there near the mid-nineteenth century.  This factor has been reflected, as well as influenced a number of architectural styles prevalent in the locality over time. During the period of 2015 a major construction boom has essentially been witnessed in the city. This construction boom has continued to dramatically reconfigure the Seattle’s Downtown. It has had a key impact of the neighboring areas like Ballard, Capitol Hill, as well as South Lake Union.

Putting a major emphasis on the local architecture, Emile Haddad Seattle talks about the Pacific Northwest Contemporary style that is quite prevalent in the city now.  This essentially is quite a modern architecture style that has emerged in the 21st century itself. This architecture style follows the typical Northwest Regional style that was largely popular in the mid-20th century. The modern Northwest Regional architecture style found in Seattle now has additionally retained a lot of earlier influences from Japanese architecture. It tends to make an use of an open floor plan, as well as various construction materials found in the Northwest like locally-found stones such as granite and basalt.

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