A Homeowner’s Guide to the Types of Common Pests in Florida

With world-class beaches, year-round warm weather, and a reasonable cost of living, it’s no surprise that Florida is one of the most popular destinations for out-of-staters to move to.

However, no place is perfect, and while living in Florida lets you escape the snow, you can’t escape pests. But what are some different types of pests in Florida?

If you live in the Sunshine State, keep reading for a guide on the different types of common pests in Florida.


For many people, there are few types of pests more terrifying than cockroaches. In recent years, cockroaches have become somewhat of a Floridian public health concern, as many people associate them with waste and disease.

However, remember that they also like warm and tropical climates. Seeing them in your home isn’t always a sign of dirt or filth, but you should make a point to get rid of them nonetheless.


Spiders like dark and cool places where they can trap their food. Although arachnophobia is common, most people don’t realize that spiders are their friends. They help keep other pest populations down while being harmless to humans.

Two spiders that you do need to watch out for are black widows and brown recluse spiders. Although they don’t often attack unless provoked, their venom can be deadly.

Fire Ants

If the term “fire ant” doesn’t scare you, it should. These little guys nest in colonies of thousands, and they act aggressively towards anything that gets too close to their home.

As they like flat and sunny areas, you can often find fire ants in large, open spaces, such as lawns and fields. If you see red ants running around your property, be careful.


Did you know that mosquitoes prefer different types of people? Regardless of what your blood type is, everyone can agree that mosquitoes are annoying. They can also be dangerous and carry diseases and viruses as they bite you.

Mosquitoes like warm and wet environments, which Florida has plenty of. They also breed in standing water. If your home or business has all of these conditions, you should expect some mosquitoes for company.


You might be surprised to see that iguanas have a place on a pest list. However, they’re an invasive species that aren’t native to Florida. They can also damage different types of infrastructure.

Iguanas have become more of a problem for Florida residents in recent years. Click here to see some of the many appearances they’ve made on the news.

Watch Out for These Common Pests

No place can be too perfect, and while living in the Sunshine State lets you enjoy beautiful beaches and weather, you may also run into some different pests. Watch out for these common pests in Florida, and if you do see them, take the appropriate steps to get rid of them.

Do you now have a better understanding of some of the different types of household pests in Florida? Before you go and start checking under your bed before you sleep, take a moment to check out some of our other articles for more guides and tips.

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