7 Exquisite Enclosed Patio Ideas You’ll Love

Did you know that all types of home improvement activities shot up during the COVID-19-based lockdown?

No wonder. With the majority of people either staying at home full-time, as well as working from home, our focus and attention have been turned towards changing up our environment. And, what better way to do so than revamping your living spaces?

One of our most neglected goldmines is our patio space. If you’ve been thinking about creating an enclosed patio decorating ideas for the last month or so, we’ve got you covered.

Keep on reading to learn all about our top seven enclosed patio ideas, which will give you the perfect starting point on your new home decor project.

1. The King of Enclosed Patio Ideas: Reading Space

If you tend to put other bookworms to shame, you’ll definitely want to create a whole separate reading space in your enclosed patio.

All you need to do is use a couple of warm colors with wood accents to make the space feel downright cozy. You can also add a lot of textured blankets and cushions for an extra oomph of dimension and depth.

Besides, you’ll want to set up your seating arrangement for maximum comfort and throw in a portable mini snack and beverage bar if you’re feeling fancy.

2. Workout Space? More Like a Fitness Heaven

Whether you’re into yoga, or you’re more of a cardio and CrossFit type of person, why not take advantage of your enclosed patio by turning it into a little fitness heaven?

With the added scenic beauty, a refreshment nook, your workout equipment, and a mirror are all you need to truly transform your patio into an insta-worthy home gym.

Just don’t forget the granola bars!

3. The Enclosed Rooftop Patio

There’s nothing that can maximize the quality of your scenic view than a rooftop enclosed patio.

It can be a cuddly space with a seating arrangement that allows for eating and hosting people, as well as enjoying the beautiful view in peace. A rooftop deck patio can also give you some breathing space if you’re getting sick of quarantining and staying indoors.

You can turn it into your own personal headquarters, where you can vibe with your music, read, take a nap (or two) without any distractions.

Just make sure you add some fun houseplants for added warmth and brightness. It can make your patio look more alive and appealing. Also, pick the right patio cover by checking out this ultimate guide: https://www.buttefence.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-patio-covers-of-idaho/

4. The Floral Western Style Screen Patio Monster

Okay, so the rest of your family members might have veto-ed your request to turn your whole home into an indo-western inn.

However, that means that there are no excuses to not give your enclosed patio that decor style. You can turn your enclosed patio into a haven of classic artwork, accent furniture, as well as a couple of quirky knickknacks to lighten up the mood and make it more personalized.

Needless to say, you should add in a few floral curtains and cushions to tie in the whole look together. A great benefit of that style is that it can be the perfect welcoming hosting space you can have.

5. All Hail the Sun: Sunroom With Attached Garden

Making your enclosed patio into a sunroom is a fantastic way to add some brightness to your home, as well as give yourself (and the rest of your family members) a place to get that much-needed vitamin D.

Sunrooms don’t have to be just for work, but you can dedicate your space towards relaxation by placing a jacuzzi tub in there. Or, you can turn it into a playroom for the kids.

Whatever style you decide to choose, just make sure to get some artwork and window treatments that are resistant to sun damage. And, if you’re interested in making the space a bit more outdoorsy, you can always get some outdoor-style tables, seating, and even add in a flower garden for the extra pop of color.

6. Travel to the Tropicals

Sometimes, you just have to bring the beach to your home. Thankfully, with some smart choices in your enclosed patio designs, you can do so.

Start by adding some wood blinds to go with the greenery. You can also use the wood blinds as a roofing option if you want to go full-throttle.

Moreover, nothing screams ‘tropical vacation’ more than an outdoor bar. If you’re more into making your patio into a small party space, then go vintage with the outdoor bar decorations, and you’re good to go.

Finally, to tie the whole look together, you can thatch things up. Thatching is the use of dry vegetation, like heather, straws, water reeds, and palm branches to create a roof for your patio.

7. The Glass Patio

If you have some killer scenery that you don’t want to waste, then why don’t you go with glass patio screens instead of metal?

By incorporating some neutral colors, you’re set to have a great combination of tones, even if you live in a colder terrain, where the predominant colors are a bit darker and cooler when it comes to the undertone.

Furthermore, you don’t want to miss out on changing your patio into an outdoor veranda through the simple addition of a sliding glass door, and a couple of glass windows. The same rule applies to the enclosed patio’s entryway. Substitute your static screening for a more dynamic glass one.

Ready to Transform Your Small Enclosed Patio?

Nothing can bring more joy than giving a home space that’s been looking a bit drab a much-needed makeover. It doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor as well.

We hope after learning our top seven enclosed patio ideas were able to get your creative juices flowing. Yet, there is still so much more material out there for you to see.

Make sure to check out our home decor section for all the tips and tricks that your decorating heart could possibly desire. And, if you’re looking for your dream home, then the ‘find your dream home’ section will be your new best friend.

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