5 Superb Reasons to Get a Variable Speed Pool Pump

Investing in the best pump for your pool is vital. Without it, your dream pool can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Pool pumps have changed over the years. And we think that the variable speed pool pump is the best you can get.

Read on, and we’ll tell you why.

Why Get a Variable Speed Pool Pump?

Today, pool owners can choose between three types of pool pumps: single-speed, dual-speed, and variable-speed. The single and dual-speed models are quickly becoming obsolete. So, we’re only going to talk about the benefits of the variable type.

#1 Save Money

Saving money is the Number 1 benefit of investing in a Variable Speed Pool Pump. How so?

It’s all thanks to the “Variable” part of the pump. You don’t really need to be running a pump at high-power all day long. In fact, it’s more the opposite.

An overworked pool pump is more likely to fail on you. Variable speed pumps only use the amount of power needed. When you lower the pump speed when the filter is running, it will actually be more effective.

Energy consumption goes down; money in your wallet goes up. Sounds great, right?

#2 Superior Filtration

The way that pump size and water flow affect the rest of the pool equipment often gets overlooked. The smaller the pump, the better the filtration and the longer the equipment will last.

If your pump is too big, it can lead to erosion in the heaters exchanger. Additionally, the cartridges and gills will last longer and do a better job when water pressure is low.

If money isn’t an object and you don’t mind tossing your equipment regularly, by all means, choose one of the other pumps.

But if you like to get your money’s worth while also saving money, then a variable speed pump is for you.

#3 Programmability

How many times have you forgotten to run the pool pump?

One too many.

With a variable speed pump, this problem is no more.

You don’t have to remember to do anything; your preset options have you covered. Make changes to the program as needed. Easy, energy-efficient, multiple wins!

Here’s a pro-tip; Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pump is one of the best on the market.

#4 You Won’t Ever Hear It

Single-speed pumps are loud. Variable-speed pumps are not.

It really is that simple. Lower RPMs mean far less motor noise.

Try this. Set your variable-speed pump on at a lower setting at night. That way, you can turn over your pool water during non-peak power hours.

Check all the boxes. Save money, clean your pool, and avoid any potentially sleep-deprived, disgruntled neighbors or family members.

#5 Rebates and Warranty!

We saved the best for last.

Most variable pumps come with a lifetime warranty, and it may also qualify you for incentives like utility rebates. Check with your power company about that one.

When all is said and done, a properly programmed pump could easily pay for itself in savings well before the warranty period.

Are You Ready?

Ready to save money, have cleaner water, never forget your cleaning schedule, and get rebates!?

The choice seems obvious. Please switch to a variable speed pool pump and do it fast!

While you’re here, make sure to check out the rest of our helpful content. Whatever your home project or question, we’ve got answers.

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