3 Things You Can Do to Maintain Your Rugs

A rug is all that it takes to instantly lift the aesthetics of a place. They bring in the elements of warmth and cosiness to the interior décor scene. Especially, the beautiful natural fibre options like the sisal flooring when placed in a room, it can easily carry both, the cosmopolitan as well a traditional look with elan.

Rugs are not a small investment and in their maintenance and upkeep in high traffic zones can sometimes pose as a big challenge to you. If left unattended for long, the floorings can become breeding ground for bacteria, fleas and other disease-causing germs, jeopardizing the health of your loved ones in a big way. Fret not though, there are few easy steps that you can undertake to keep your carpets clean and last long for years. Let us have a quick look at them asunder.

  1. Implement no shoe policy: Shoes are the harbinger of dirt, dust, mud, germs and whatnot into your house. We bet you don’t want all this! The solution is simple- Strictly implement the no shoe policy. You can place a rack outside your house where everyone can place their shoes before walking in.

If your house happens to be carpeted wall to wall then you can walk barefoot inside else you can keep a separate pair of slippers for your home use which shouldn’t be worn outside.

Placing doormats will also prevent the dirt from entering your house. In case of a pet, make sure you get their paws cleaned too before they enter in.

  1. Regular vacuuming: Nothing works better for your rugs and carpets than the regular vacuuming. They help to pull out the dirt and other particles entrapped in the deep layers without much of an effort. Even if your house is buzzing with kids and pets, vacuuming the place 3- 4 times a week should work well for your requirement otherwise a couple of times a week should do just fine.

Also, do not miss out to clean the underside of your carpet- make sure that you reverse and vacuum at least once every two months if not less. If you have got some fur babies at your place then your rug is going to take maximum impact because of the hair getting stuck into it. You can use a carpet brush to remove the visible fur and vacuuming will take the rest of the hair from the fabric.

  1. Professional clean-up: Although you might come across many do it yourself methodologies to clean the rug and remove stains, however, it can be risky and even cause damage to your expensive sisal flooring than any good. So, it is highly recommended that you must invest in the professional cleaning routine from time to time.
  1. The experts examine the rug material thoroughly before deciding a treatment

plan to ensure cleaning-up with safety.

Following these tips will lead to the all-around maintenance of your home floorings, imparting them a long life.

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