What is Laminate Wood? The Pros and Cons of This Type of Flooring

Did you know that about 80% of houses in the United States are at least 20 years old? This could mean your home is in desperate need of an upgrade. One major upgrade that can make a place look brand new is replacing your flooring with laminate wood.

Read on to learn about what is laminate wood and the pros and cons of using it.

What Is Laminate Wood?

Laminate floors are a floor covering hybrid that has a particleboard wood base. It is topped with two layers, an image layer, and a transparent layer.

You are probably wondering what is laminate wood flooring because you have heard about how popular they are in homes. They are perfect for any room in the house as long as it is an area without excessive moisture.

These floors were invented in 1977 by a Swedish company, but have taken the world by storm since then. They came up with the idea to use waste wood projects and putting them under high pressure and chemicals to turn them into usable floor coverings.

What Is Better Laminate or Vinyl?

Answering the question of what is better laminate or vinyl involves knowing the similarities and differences between the two. Vinyl is considered a close cousin of laminate because of its pricing similarities, comparable look, and ease of use. Most people can install these flooring types on their own time.

Some differences between the two include vinyl being flexible and 100% impervious to water while laminate is not. Vinyl also does not have to acclimate to the room before it is installed.

These are two popular floorings which are why many people want to compare them. For more information on the best flooring, check out this guide.

Pros of Laminate Wood

Now that you know what is wood laminate made of, you need to know the significant pros of having it. Laminate flooring can come in tiles or planks with edges designed to fit together without a hassle. They make for an easy DIY project because there is no nailing required.

If your home changes in humidity levels, laminate construction can provide stability. Laminate wood is lightweight and gets installed over a thin layer of cushion.

Laminate flooring snaps together so there is no need for glue. Cleanup and maintenance for this flooring are easy because it is so tough.

Cons of Laminate Wood

Even top of the line laminate flooring is no match for moisture damage. This means areas like laundry rooms and bathrooms would not be the right place for this floor.

Unlike real wood, laminate wood flooring cannot be refinished. Once it gets worn, you will have no choice but to replace it. The wear layer is unable to degrade in landfills because it has plastic in it.

Upgrade Your Flooring Now!

So, what is laminate wood? It is a flooring that brings many benefits that tend to outweigh the cons. If you are considering upgrading your flooring, think about laminate wood as an option for almost any room in your home.

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