Update Your Kitchen with These Ingenious Backsplash Ideas

Refurbishing the entire kitchen is never easy on your pockets; moreover, it entails a prolonged process and is usually a big deal, especially for those living in a rented house who are not getting any money from the investment.

Fortunately, in the current age of Pinterest, you don’t really have to surf the internet for hours searching for ideas. In fact, you can easily get some amazing Do It Yourself projects which will not only spruce up your kitchen, but also be within your means.

Speaking of making changes in the hub of your house, the easiest way to do so is by simply upgrading the look of its backsplash. Now you might assume, in order to attain incredible end results, that you’ll have to again burn a hole in your pocket. But trust us, these budget friendly projects are proof that with a little enthusiasm and creativity, you can definitely create a backsplash which adds that much-needed zing to your kitchen –  and of course, without a hefty price tag too.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into these ingenious ideas and brighten up your space!

Peel-and-Stick it

When it comes to upgrading the backsplash, it’s quite obvious to think that kitchen and wallpaper don’t really go together. But we’re pretty sure that these beautiful peel-and-stick products will blow your mind!

Be it speckled, geometric, lattice or a floral design, wallpapers are always considered to be the most inexpensive and incredibly clever backsplash option. Not only will it be easier for you to assemble the project (evaluate, cut, glue and press), but you also have the liberty to select from countless range of patterns and colours to craft a backsplash, which best suits your kitchen.

Go fancy with plywood

You might not find plywood to be attractive, but once you get your creative juices flowing, you’ll surely come up something fantastic. If you’ve got a budget restriction, then you can simply affix painted plywood on your kitchen’s wall with some strips of Velcro.

This is one of the best options for people living in a rented house, as it temporarily upgrades your kitchen by adding charm and pattern to it.

Lure them using decals

If you aren’t sure about committing to a certain style, then why not use that secret weapon of yours? Yeah, we’re talking about using a roll of vinyl on your innovative and colourful faux-tile backsplash.

This project is not just economical, but also simple to execute. Use an electronic machine or a pair of scissors to cut down a specific pattern, remove its backing and glue it to the wall – it’s as simple as that! More to the point, if you happen to make any errors, you can easily reposition or change them. But one thing you need to bear in mind is, vinyl adheres to only those walls that are smooth and painted properly.

Markdown with tiles

Most homeowners avoid using tiles, since it is assumed to be an extremely costly material. Whilst it does come with a hefty price tag, it isn’t always a huge blow to your wallet. Savvy shoppers are very well aware of the fact that there are certain kitchen shops offering huge discounts.

It doesn’t matter where you’re buying tiles from, you can always save some money in your pocket by installing them all by yourself. If the process of mortar and grout looks like quite a challenge, then go for a mess-free solution to install them quickly and in a hassle-free manner.

Add a touch of classic

If you’ve been looking for a classic option, then a beaded-board backsplash is just what you need.  Simply paint the backsplash with similar colours as that of your cabinetry and let it camouflage with the background of your kitchen.  Another option could be to let it stand out by painting the beaded board with an altogether different colour.

Map it out

When it comes to backsplashes, you don’t really have to restrict yourself to tiles. You can get a bit creative and make use of a vintage-style map of Paris or any place that you like, and stick it behind your cook-top. These will surely echo the style in your entire kitchen.

So, there we have it – our 6 ingenious backsplash ideas that will add a dramatic touch in your kitchen, without costing you a fortune!

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