Turn Your Simple Backyard Shed into a Fabulous Gardening Nook

It’s not uncommon to find a shed in a backyard. Most people use their sheds as storage space for their hardware, tools, landscaping equipment and whatever else they don’t want to store in their homes and attached garages.

Sheds are like little houses in the backyard, and they can be very dry places if built properly. However, you don’t need to use your shed for storage purposes.

If you choose the right design, you can turn your shed into a gardening nook that caters to your landscaping interests. All you need is a good design idea, and you can get started. If you don’t have a shed, you can buy a new one or build it from a kit.

Check out 10 of the most popular ideas for upgrading your backyard shed into a fabulous gardening nook:

1. Log Cabin Shed

Turn your backyard shed into a small log cabin to give it a rustic look that will make it blend well with the surrounding outdoor greenery.

You can paint your shed a natural wood colour, or you can use real wood material to rebuild or remodel your shed. A log cabin shed could even make a nice place to go camping if you want to spend a night or two away from the kids.

2. Open Farmhouse Shed

Not all sheds need to have a door with interior space. Convert your garden shed into an open farmhouse shed that gives you a fully open area underneath a roof.

In other words, it is like having another back patio or front porch where you can put outdoor furniture and stay under the shade. Meanwhile, you can hang tools on the wall of the shed to make use of as much space as possible.

3. Tool Shed

If all you have are smaller tools rather than large gardening equipment, then you can turn your garden shed into a small tool shed.

Storing all your tools in one nice convenient place will better organise your tools so that you’ll never need to go hunting for a specific tool ever again. You’ll know exactly where it is.

4. Waterfront Shed

Apply some stone makeup to your garden shed to make it look like a rustic lodge. In front of the shed, add an attractive pond or water stream with rocks. If you can add a backyard fence, it would complete the entire look of these elements.

Have a front window in the shed so that you can look out from it. Either that or create a little sitting area on the outside of the shed.

5. Space Shed

Are you interested in outer space? You could turn your shed into a mini space centre in your backyard. Make it a cylindrical shape and put a window or opening on the roof so that a telescope can look out into the sky.

Decorate the interior with astronomical information about outer space, the planets, stars, constellations and so on.

6. Tiny Home Shed

Tiny homes are popular these days. You can make a tiny home out of your existing backyard garden shed. It can be a place to relax and get some work done while enjoying the views of your garden.

You can even sleep in the home if you set up a bed, bathroom and electricity in it.

7. Spa Shed

Convert your garden shed into an open deck and luxurious spa. Have a glass roof to protect you from the rain as you enjoy a wonderful and relaxing hot tub experience.

Keep the walls in the back of the shed but make the front without walls for a more open experience.

8. Playhouse Shed

If you want to encourage your kids to play in nature, turn your garden shed into a playhouse shed. Decorate the exterior with colourful illustrations of flowers and grass. Inside the shed could be games, colouring books, and other materials related to gardening.

9. Greenhouse Shed

Use mostly clear windows and transparent materials for your garden shed and convert it into a greenhouse shed. Grow plants and flowers inside the shed like you would in a traditional greenhouse. Let this shed be an extension of your garden.

10. Garden Hut Shed

Have your garden shed beautifully blend with your garden. Put plants and vegetation on the roof of your shed to create a garden hut shed in your backyard. Give the exterior of the shed a stone or wooden look.

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