The Seven Excellent Ways to Discourage Burglaries

There is a wide range of measures that modern-day individuals must undertake for successfully deterring criminals from breaking in to their house. In addition to keeping precious possessions and money safe, doing so could also prevent other residents from getting unnecessarily injured, and contribute to overall peace of mind. To know more, readers are requested to buy some time and check out the below-mentioned pointers.

  • No Showboat- Leaving certain items in the front yard or someplace easily visible from road can attract thieves onto property. So, suppose you have a scooter or bicycle that anyone can easily walk away with, make sure to put it inside the garage as soon as possible. Also after purchasing pricey electronics such as HD television or air conditioner, do not leave its box in trash.
  • Tricking Burglars- If the burglars realise that there are people inside a house, they would most certainly not try breaking in. Thus, even if you are going to work for a night shift or planning a weekend getaway, make sure to create an illusion by turning the lights on. Worried about the electricity bills? Consider investing in the efficient fluorescent bulbs.
  • Digital Locking Systems- According to a renowned locksmith of Mentone, digital locks, unlike the traditional locking systems, could never be broken by external pressure. They also stand absolutely compatible with a series of devices such as dead bolts, dead latches, cylindrical, mortises, etc.
  • Motion-Sense Lighting- Purchasing and installing motion-sense lights by the back door, garage, driveway, etc. is another excellent way of securing your house. They turn on if there is a movement and hence discourage approaching criminals. These products are readily available in online outlets or brick-and-mortar hardware store for an affordable price.
  • Not Keeping Spare Key Outside- Even though it might seem viable to leave a spare key under a flower pot or welcome mat but that is in actuality kind of inviting a burglar to enter your house without any sort of hassle. So, give your spare key to a trusted neighbour or friend living nearby and retrieve it from them during emergencies.
  • Trimming Trees and Shrubs- Trim short the trees and shrubs always because burglars would not then be able to hide and launch attack at their convenience. This is especially necessary if you are going away on a vacation for a prolonged period. A house is more likely to get targeted if it looks unkempt.
  • Staying Vigilant- No matter how efficient the night guards are, it is essential to closely observe the neighbourhood on your own too. If a person is not paying attention, he or she might be subconsciously spreading the red carpet for a thief to waltz right in. Not disclosing identity or any sort of travel plans to strangers, putting only the street name on the mailbox, and encrypting contact information is vital.

Taking the steps stated above into consideration and implementing with utmost caution can enhance safety quotient of one’s house to a great extent and obviously keep thefts or burglaries at bay.

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