Security Doors the Best Measure to Protect Your Home

Do you remember those days when anyone could easily break through the doors while you were asleep or away from your home? Gone are the days with the invention of modern security doors. They provide enhanced security from unpleasing events and undesirable situations. These doors have added elements of protection that stop burglars from entering the house, office or shops. These doors are excellent low-cost preventive measures that provide your home or office with a lot of benefits. These doors come in different styles, low cost, and in the wide range of materials and are an excellent investment as they protect your wealth and life both.

Why we need security doors

The obvious reason for having a security door is safety and security.  Even those who have a security in homes will be benefited from these doors.  Here are some reasons to buy and install these doors at home:

  1. Burglars and thieves cannot break through these doors.
  2. These doors are fire-resistant and slow down the fire in case of a mishap.
  3. They prevent the dust and dirt to enter the house.
  4. They prevent insects, mice and mites to enter the house.
  5. They are weather resistant and won’t let the storm, flood water to enter the house.
  6. They will prevent the young children and pets to go out.
  7. Doors with alarms will make you alert at the time of the theft.
  8. You can keep an eye at your exterior even when not at the home if these doors are placed with CCTV Cameras.


These doors come with many features and chances are that you can get carried away or confused while selecting the one. Here are some basic features you should look at your door:

  1. The material of the frame
  2. Type of mounting installation used indoors.
  3. Does it seal out insects?
  4. Does it seal out dirt and dust
  5. Corners should not be hollow.
  6. It should use pneumatic closer to pull it shut.
  7. Check the warranty and guaranty of doors
  8. Alarm systems
  9. CCTV installation
  10. Double-lock system
  11. Access control
  12. Energy efficient
  13. Durability
  14. Allows light
  15. Visually good looking and appealing
  16. Easy to use

Types of security doors:

There is a wide range of doors available in the market you can select the one as per your requirement and budget. The main kind of doors that are available are given below:

  1. Iron grills
  2. Decorative grills
  3. Stainless steel doors
  4. Small diamond grills
  5. Standard diamond grills
  6. Aluminium doors
  7. Custom door
  8. Perforated aluminium sheets
  9. Single doors
  10. Double doors
  11. Laser
  12. Mesh

Classification of the door based on usage

You can also classify these doors based on the usage and places they are installed. Classification in terms of usage is as follows:

  1. Heavy duty: example- retail outlet
  2. Light duty: example- door at the private house
  3. Medium duty: example- internal office door
  4. Severe duty: example- school doors

Standard tests done on these doors:

Before they come to the market they go through a series of rigorous tests.  You must find out what tests are done on your door. Here are some basic tests these doors go through:

  1. Anti-jemmy testing
  2. Impact testing
  3. Knife testing
  4. Pull testing
  5. Probe testing

We all want our family members and important possessions to be safe and secured. These doors keep the intruders away. Installing these doors will also keep you stress-free and you will see your mental and emotional health improved. If you haven’t installed a security door yet in your building, then do it right away.

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