Realtor Guide for Catching Chinese Property investors

If you are trying to draw Chinese investors, first and foremost, you have to establish confidence with them. The highest network analysis analysis in China * has found that out of these, 80% of them choose investment products that are of low / moderate risk. The main reason for investing in foreign ownership is to diversify the risks rather than expected to return to higher investment. So most of them buy only from a producer / an agent whose name looks familiar.

Therefore, the first thing you need to think about is to create your brand name within the Chinese community. You can advertise your Chinese newspaper and upload your project to a Chinese website, build boot in property costs, run on the list. At least some of them need to set up their feet in the Chinese market.

Now, the next question is, how do you advertise your brand name as “golden” effectively? Advertising in the Chinese market can be quite diffcult due to language and culture. Allows it to discover

  1. Branding with an informal company’s profile.

A survey has found that more than 70% Chinese investors have chosen their investment products by “investments”.

We can not emphasize how much information we provide to an agent and developer, because we have seen evidence of our traffic analysis on its effects. With a good profile, companies have proven to get more traffic such as short profile or anybody compare them. Buyers who are unable to visit your office or are unable to see their brandings around Australia, can only decide by looking at your company’s profile only. The company’s effort to show a good company’s profile clearly shows the commitment to the Chinese market.


What makes an information company profile? One of the most common thing in the Chinese buyer’s study was that “Western companies are great using their web site or company profiles to tell you what they offer, and how you They can go directly to the point of view. Chinese companies tell you about the ones they are in the industry, what their past experiences, then what they offer, and ultimately how to benefit consumers. Deliver. ”


A attractive company profile for China is a professional yet a debate. It tells the story about the background of the people involved in the business and their past accomplishments. Except the quality of products and services, which is a ‘given’, fast buyers need to set up fast relationships. Your company’s profile is more personal, buyers are easy to connect to you. Some buyers may not be familiar with the Australian market, besides trusting family information and friends, the property agent will be the most important people with whom the relationship has to be established. Friendly and personal profile will certainly help trigger the contact.

  1. Start locally

Although the big market is in China, start locally. If your brand is well-established between Australian Chinese, you will be very easy to set abroad. Chinese investors are very happy today, they know that many information are “made in China” and are susceptible to it. Get started by combining yourself with local Chinese media, for example, Chinese papers, magazines or websites. One more effective way to advertise locally in the Chinese Chinese property portal, where both Australian and Australian can access both information. More trust and credit will be directed to your company when foreign investors know they are accessing the same information about local information.


  1. When overseas marketing covers these major cities, use online media to reach more customers.


Mainland China is too big to work for your marketing campaign. There are 660 cities in China, whereas most of your buyers come from only 10 major cities. Before filing a city for your next property show or exhibition, make sure that it is the correct buyer who offers enough buyers. China is a developing country; average people with AUD $ 500 average monthly income will not buy your plan.

The IP address record from shows that more than China’s traffic comes mainly:


Shanghai (19%) *

Nanjing, Shows and Vows. (17%) *

Guangzhou and Shenzhen. (11%) *

Beijing (9%) *

This observation is fully found to distribute high net profit people * in China. It is almost impossible to create presence in all these cities unless you really have a huge marketing budget. Thanks to the advanced technology, 100% of your target buyers will be able to access the Internet. Adsense will be the easiest and the least expensive way to create Chinese presence.

  1. Do not translate through machine

When promoting your features, most people do not understand the effect of good translation and agree to the machine translation to work. If a democracy is trying to express: “Your master bedroom has a building and a bathroom.” And this machine translates machine into Chinese and says “Your teacher is a branch of a castle and is a bath room” does not leave a good impression, as bad spell and grammar are badly affected by local buyers. Your listing translation is professionally important to ensure your company’s image. The translation of the machine is the easiest way to remove your potential buyers.

  1. Focus on proximity

If your development is in such a population that is not yet popular among Chinese investors, try to find the marks that they know about them. Example: 10 minutes run on the Box Hill Center, Munich University-run distance. Statistics of show that when “Distance from Melbourne University” was included in the title of the North Melbourne property; it had five more clicks.


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