Is Solar Renewable? The Ultimate Guide to Solar Energy

Globally, renewable energy consumption will increase 50% by 2024. 60% of this increase will come from solar energy alone.

Is solar renewable? Yes, solar energy is a renewable energy source. But what makes an energy source renewable and how can solar improve your daily life?

Read on to learn how to best identify energy sources.

Is Solar Renewable? Identifying Energy Sources

Renewable energy sources can be harvested and used repeatedly. Renewable sources are not exhaustible.

Traditional energy sources are finite on earth, including fossil fuels like coal and oil. It is dangerous to depend on fossil fuels that can and will one day run out within human lifespans. However, renewable sources can continue to be used for generations to come.

Renewable energies are also called clean energy sources. This is because they do not release greenhouse gasses that hurt our environment. Renewable energy sources include the sun and the wind.

While windy and rainy weather can change the amount of energy clean sources can attain at a given time, harvesting energy in this way can occur again and again. If you stockpile energy from these sources, you don’t need to worry about running out of coal or oil to burn.

Environmental Impacts of Solar Energy at Home

Traditional energy systems can emit greenhouse gasses that are harmful to the earth’s ozone layer. This contributes to the greenhouse effect. As the ozone layer depletes, it becomes less efficient at stabilizing our stratosphere. This has led to global warming.

While none of us can half global warming alone, we all must do our part to reduce greenhouse gases. Bringing renewable solar energy into your home is one way to help the environment while improving your quality of life.

Embracing renewable energy will help reduce the country’s dependency on fossil fuel energy. This will, in turn, reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Saving Money with Solar Energy

Installing solar energy panels and systems can be expensive at first. However, over time, these systems can redeem their own costs by reducing your electricity bill. This is probably the most personal benefit from switching to solar.

How long does it take for your renewable energy source to save you money? This solar company estimates residential solar systems to pay for themselves within 8 years. Commercial systems can redeem their costs within 3 years.

Additionally, you can increase your home’s property value by having installed solar panel systems. Renewable energy sources will be our only energy sources in the future. Having your home already set-up to take advantage of solar will be a huge benefit to future owners or tenants.

Light Up Your World With Solar Energy

So, is solar renewable? Solar energy is not just renewable, but potentially cost-friendly as well. Be sure to reach out to a local solar company for a free installation quote and start enjoying the benefits.

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