Furnace Efficiency: 5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Furnace Happy

Did you know that most homes in the United States are heated with furnaces? This makes furnace efficiency more important than ever. If you want your system to continue to work when you need it to, you must keep your furnace happy.

Read on to learn about five ways you can take care of your furnace.

1. Regular Filter Changes

Furnace efficiency depends on regular filter changes so that your furnace is not clogged. When the system is backed up, the furnace has to work harder to get air through it. This means you lose out on comfort and energy.

A clean furnace is one that has filter changes at least every three months. This is especially true if you have disposable filters.

Your furnace could have a burning smell because of a dirty filter. However, there are other reasons for this issue that you can learn at this link.

People who live in dry or dusty climates have to change their filters more often. Doing this will help preserve the performance of the furnace and air quality.

2. Professional System Checkups

One of the more important tips for keeping a furnace clean is performing regular maintenance. If you go without maintenance, the life of your furnace will lower and it will eventually break down. When a professional looks at your furnace, it will continue to run at its best.

Other benefits of regular checkups include saving on energy costs, small problems are detected early, and you are more comfortable in your home.

3. Keeping Intake Pipes Clear

To maximize your furnace efficiency, whether it is gas furnace efficiency or electric furnace efficiency, you should aim to generate heat with less fuel. To do this, an intake pipe is needed for the air supply. A clogged or blocked pipe will affect efficiency and cause carbon monoxide buildup.

A high-efficiency furnace has exhaust pipes on the exterior of the home. The pipes need to be free of obstruction like insects, ice, etc. If you are unable to handle this pipe on your own, a professional can do it for you.

4. Use Programmable Thermostats

You can understand your energy cost more and end up saving when you use a programmable thermostat. If you match the cooling and heating output demands at home, you will be able to save more. This means the system can turn off when no one is home to keep costs low.

5. Reduce Use

Even when you are home, you should aim to reduce the use of your furnace. If the weather outdoors is good enough, you can open the windows instead of using your furnace. This keeps your furnace happy because it is allowing it to catch a break.

Keep Your Furnace Efficiency High

When your furnace efficiency is high, your system is happier and so are you. When you need it most, your furnace should work at the best level it can. Following these tips on taking care of your furnace will ensure it doesn’t break down out of random.

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