Can Pest Control Be Dangerous

No one would like rats, spiders and many other harmful pests in their homes. However, the products which is used by the pests are toxic and you would not want to poison your near and dear ones by these chemicals. The hidden truth about many pest control companies is that they use very dangerous chemicals which when used at your house to remove pests can cause a lot of harm to the environment in your house. 


You might now have many questions in your mind if it is safe or not to use the pest control services. If there are pest control experts in town who use products which do not harm you or the environment.

  1. Pets and People: If your pest control company is not careful and uses harmful products it is obvious that the products used will harm the health of your family. It may affect the kids and pets of the house dangerously as these products are mostly carcinogens. Some of them even instigate asthma and disabilities in reproduction.
  2. Environmental Damage: As you are now aware that it causes damage to humans you may also want to know about it effect on the environment. Toxic chemicals hurt the earth a lot. Each spray of toxic chemicals can spread in the air and contaminate ground water, harm aquatic life and wildlife in the area. You might be surprised to know that chemicals which were banned by the government 40 years ago can still be found in the food we eat today.

Tips To Protect Yourself from Pesticides

Now that you have come to know that pest control is dangerous and can be poisonous to you and your family, you need to take necessary precautions to take care of the health and wellbeing of everyone and also get the house free from pests. Hence, there are certain points you need to remember says

  • Pest Prevention First: You should try and do things which will prevent any attack of pests in your house. Don’t give them comfortable environment so that they can feed and make a home in your house. Listed below are things to prevent pests.


  • Remove any source of water, food particles and make sure you don’t have moist and damp areas in your house.
  • Food storage should be done in plastic or glass containers which are sealed and the stale food should be thrown in garbage which has a tight lid. Never allow water to collect in trays near your plants. Never leave pet food overnight.
  • Close places which can allow pests to enter. Fill any gaps which you see that may allow them to enter into your house through walls.
  • Do have a knowledge about pests and know all the options of controlling them.
  • Always check the boxes been delivered to your home for pests.


Many pest companies have found safe chemicals to avoid these terrible chemicals.

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