Are women actually better traders in CFD than men?

You can always observe that most of the traders in the financial market are made up of men. However, as the market has progressed over the years, there has been a rapid increase of women getting into CFD and being able to succeed at a very good rate. There have been many recent studies on how effective women have become over the years and, projected, will be doing better compared to men in 3 decades. So why has this not been done more often before 2020? There has been speculated less ideal perceptions in the public when it comes to women investing versus that of men. There has been a study in the US about Fidelity Investments by Women and Money Survey and it was found that 9% of the respondents believed in women being better at investing versus men and when analyzed, there have been only a few high-profile female traders in the world of a male dominant market.

With trading progressively becoming convenient nowadays as you will not need any form of physical work to do so, both men and women have the access to continue trading together with their daily schedules plus with discrimination having been lesser today, women are out to gain a lot of money thanks to their investments in the market.

But are women really better than men?

Women have been seen to be very effective when it comes to CFD. But the main challenge in this aspect is to get the women to gain more interest in trading compared to men. But what is it about trading that women have less interest at and what is stopping them from excelling at an exponential rate compared to men? One good reason is probably based on the attitude of some women with their money and how they would want to have it in a very secure and safe palace. By having this form of attitude with their hard earned cash, this eliminates the possibility of interest in investing in the CFD market. Thanks to the progress of technology, a lot of retail traders have been very active in the market and some of them are women.With the increase of participation and interest from women in CFD, there might be a barrage of women looking into them that will eventually get them involved in the investment market.

How are Women Better Traders?

Let’s face it. Women have been held back in different forms of activities in society and business due to decades of discrimination from the past. When looked at as a whole, the CFD market is a great culture and process that definitely suits women.

Better Students

The drive that women had in gaining knowledge in school is going to serve them well in a potential career in trading as they have been found to have been more attentive and more persistent in school. Being naturally better students enables them to have a keen form of analysis that will help them in their endeavor in trading. Being a good student enables you to open up your mind to readings and studies online about the market and how they as traders, will apply these new found understanding and adapting a trading strategy that is going to benefit them for the days ahead.


Women had been found great in multitasking and comparably better than men. Women in trading are able to juggle different positions and can monitor different underlying assets at ease as it is very innate for them to do so. This is an important trait to have given that there should be attention to different things all at the same time in order to be very effective with CFD as this can affect decision making and pulse reading in the market..

Expressive with feelings

As much as it sounds very stereotypical, women are able to talk more compared to men in terms of their emotions. Ast this might sound a little mundane, it can have a very positive effect when it comes to their trading as making conversation about trades becomes a form of analysis that helps improve and eliminate any form of errors from the past from ever recurring.

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