5 Ways to Make Your Material Handling More Efficient

Last year, the material handling equipment market exceeded $140 billion. It is expected to grow even more within the next few years. This isn’t a surprise as many companies are realizing the benefits of investing in better material handling equipment.

These benefits include business growth and maximized productivity. However, better equipment is only part of the success that you can achieve. There are a few other things that companies can implement for greater efficiency.

Read on to find out what they are and how you can improve your company’s material handling systems.

What Is Material Handling?

Material handling involves the movement of goods within a storage facility or warehouse. It may also include the movement of these goods to a vehicle for transportation to another location. In addition to moving warehouse materials, the process also takes into consideration the storage, protection, and control of these items.

Automated, semi-automated, and manual are the types of material handling equipment companies use. These can include lifting devices, tugger trains, or carts.

5 Way to Make Your Material Handling More Efficient

Material handling is an important process used by many facilities. Efficient warehouse management is the key to having a successful process. Here are some things you can put in place to achieve this.

1. Organize Your Space for Efficiency

This involves using the resources you have to ensure you’re maximizing your facility’s space. Review your current systems such as shelving, racking, and your overall layout. Ensure you’re using the height of your warehouse and determine how you can eliminate unused floor space.

2. Promote Safe Handling Practices

This helps you to prevent damage, thereby reducing overhead costs. Ensure there’s enough material handling capacity in your warehouse. This will facilitate the proper handling and safe maneuvering of materials. This starts with the implementation of safety practices and ensuring they’re adhered to for better efficiency.

3. Improve Storage Conditions

You can incorporate this while organizing your space for efficiency. Depending on the types of materials you handle, ensure you store them in an area that doesn’t deteriorate or destroy them. The environment in your warehouse shouldn’t be too humid, as this can contribute to rust and corrosion. This is even more important for perishable goods.

4. Get Input From Your Staff

Your staff members are an integral part of your daily operations. They will know the floor space and the nuances involved in safely moving items.

Ensure you have open communication with them. This will make them comfortable giving suggestions that can improve your operations. This can help to reduce your material handling costs.

5. Invest in the Proper Equipment

Many of the technological advancements in material handling systems may seem impractical due to their costs. However many of them are essential and can save you money in the long run.

They can include pallet carts, transport racks, and lifting devices. The benefits of these pieces of equipment include greater energy savings and improved productivity.

Handling Materials Efficiently for Greater Success

Implementing more efficient material handling systems at your facility can save you time and money. It can help the productivity levels of your workers and ensure your storage practices keep your materials in good condition. This will help you reduce your overhead costs.

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