5 Deck Renovation Ideas That You Need to Try

You are starved for what to do next year for a summer project. Then you look out at your deck and realize you haven’t given it any love for the better part of a decade. As you study your aging deck, the ideas start flowing, but there are so many of them, you don’t know where to start!

Take a deep breath and find your inner DIY Guru, because we have you covered. Follow along to read about 5 deck renovation ideas you need to try next summer!

1. Include a Porch Swing

Adding a porch swing to your porch or deck will add to your yard’s popularity during the summer months! You don’t even need a professional to do it, as many DIY solutions exist to build it yourself! A porch swing is a relatively easy way to glam up that porch or deck.

2. Add or Enhance Your Railings

Even with something as simple as a deck or porch. safety is key. That’s why you need railings to keep people and pets safe. That said, there is no reason for your railings to be an eyesore for an otherwise stylish deck!

You can go with fence patterns or simple barriers. Even a trellis would be a great fashionable barrier, and you can use the other side to grow ivy or other such plants. Don’t forget to accent your railings with the outside of your house for extra style!

3. Install Lighting

While you can get stylish deck lighting with an elegant set of string lights, sometimes you’ll want a brighter ambiance than the more intimate lighting you can achieve with string lights. For example, you can install floor lights along the edges of your deck, or in the ceiling, if you have a covered deck. If going with a themed summer party, a stone-lined fire pit or fire table could bring some pizzazz to your party!

4. Make Use of Outdoor Fabrics

It’s easy to assume that you need to have big ideas to add to a porch or deck, but sometimes a splash of color is all you need. Outdoor fabrics are a great way to add a personal and colorful touch to your deck. From curtains to accent pillows, the fabric can add just the right spice to your deck.

5. Expand Your Deck

Perhaps your deck is on the small side, and instead of small projects, you want to overhaul the whole thing. Doing this opens up a ton of options for deck renovation. You can change the wood deck entirely or you could go for broke and add a pool to your deck renovation.

After you do this, however, your deck will need extra love and protection. For this, you might want the services of a professional. They might even be able to help keep your deck renovation cost way down!

The Deck Renovation Revolution

There are so many deck renovation ideas to find out there that the only reason to stop your deck renovation project is that you run out of space! Always remember, renovate responsibly!

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