3 Lock Options at Storage Unit to Keep Your Items Secured For Long Time

If you care about your belongings enough to invest in the offshore storage unit, you will like to maintain peace of your mind that they are protected. Almost all the storage facilities have unique and latest security measures in the place for helping the clients. Even at the storage units, you will get locks for sale for providing extra protection. Though you can lock the doors of the storage unit for protecting your belongings, and you can also have a watch on your items with the help of the CCTV camera, but the use of the locks can offer extra protection to the items in the storage.

Apart from the latest alarming systems and security systems, you can use the locks at the storage units for the extra added security. Here are some of the lock options you can choose at the storage unit for better security-

  1. Hardened Steel Disc Locks

These locks provide a challenge for any prospective thief. It is quite difficult to open these locks as it takes quite a significant amount of time for opening and the equipment to open through. It can discourage the thief, and he may leave the place. This lock system fits any storage door latch, and they are anti-pick, anti-drill and provide a high level of mechanism. These locks have hardened exteriors make it resistant for cutting down with any other method of destruction.

  1. Closed-Shackle Padlock

The padlocks have the closed-shackle that are thicker with the shorter metal links. This can be the nightmare of the bolt cutter. Though they are strong and have the hard build to hold, these locks have several security features that include the double-bolted shackles, corrosion resistant and also the resettable codes.

  1. Recessed Cylinder Locks

It is quite similar to the door lock to the house or the apartment. The recessed cylinder locks are built directly in the front door of the storage unit they cannot be cut off. When you have a further moved for protection, some of the storage facilities at times replace the entire lock after each one of the tenants takes away the items from the storage unit.

Some other security options at the storage unit

Apart from the above-discussed storage locks that are used at storage units like that of the storage units in Long Beach, certain other security features help in protecting your items for long. At some of the storage units, you can find out the advanced security systems like the security cameras, screen monitor and complete DVR recording. Even at some of the storage units, you can find out the door alarms to inform you when the door is being closed and opened. Motion sensing lights and the fenced perimeters also help in the protection of the items. When you are renting the storage unit, do check all the facilities it is providing so that your belongings remain safe for a longer time.

Hence, with the use of the best security system in the storage unit, you will be relaxed, and your items will also be in good condition for long.

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